About Cards

About Us

Ugami (“oo-gah-mee”) is the Financial Solution for Gamers.

Our mission is to become the leading financial solution for gamers while changing the way gamers experience credit card rewards.

The team of passionate entrepreneurs, finance professionals and of course gamers, is committed to building an innovative and robust financial solution and a fun, exciting and engaging rewards program.

Millions of gamers can use their everyday earned rewards points on their favorite gaming merchandise, digital goods, hardware, software, exclusive game sessions, esports event preferred access and much more.

THE ugami clan culture

We will make our utmost effort to develop a Company where people love to work by providing an inclusive environment that encourages relationship building, professional and personal growth, healthy discussion and team competition. We would not be a gamer focused Company without a healthy dose of competition.

We believe that merit and performance should be the only guidelines for growth. Corporate politics are not allowed. Open space, constructive teamwork, respectful and dignified treatment are pillars of our organization.

With that, our team members work all over the world and are focused on developing a fun, unique and worthwhile experience for the Ugami gamer community, where they can be rewarded and be financially responsible at the same time.