Discover now the best Battle Royale games you should try!

best battle royale games

Although the best Battle Royale games emerged as a defined genre in recent times, it has quickly gained popularity. This is partly due to the adrenaline rush players feel trying to become the last player standing in a game. Battle Royales are online multiplayer survival games. In a regular match, players must seek resources from […]

7 multiplayer horror games you MUST play this Halloween!

multiplayer horror games

Going down a dark corridor with tense music in the background… Every gamer knows exactly what this means. However, it is unnecessary to go through this terrifying experience alone since there are many multiplayer horror games you can play with some company. That is why here we bring you a list of the best horror […]

The best horror video games that will make you scream

Best horror video games

Welcome to the spooky season! This is honestly one of our favorite celebrations. With Halloween, many discover that screaming in fright can be a lot of fun, and the gaming industry knows this very well, which is why there are a lot of horror video games. There are hidden gems within that immense catalog, so […]

The best 6 movies based on video games that you should see

movies based on video games

Lately, there has been a great stir within the dedicated entertainment industries due to the announcement of new audiovisual productions inspired by the world of gaming. Movies based on video games often cause many to raise their eyebrows because many of these movies fail hard. Most of them fail to reflect the universe, plot, or […]

Everything you need to know about The Matrix video games

Matrix Video Game

Regardless of everything, this is an incredible time to be alive. The next release of The Matrix 4 movie (The Matrix Resurrection) generates a lot of hype within the fandom. Fortunately, not only can you treat your anxiety with marathons from the initial trilogy of this saga, but you also have any Matrix Video Game […]

Top 6 sports games that you will love to play!

best sports video games

Sports arouse many passions, even within the world of video games. The best thing is that they do not focus on just one type of sport, but there are several to choose from: Soccer, Football, Skating, Basketball, Wrestling, golf, and more. Sports video games have existed since the beginning of gaming history. They have been […]

Did you know these surprising benefits of playing video games?

benefits of video games

Video games stopped being children’s things a long time ago. Today, it is a mature industry that is followed for many reasons, such as its technological innovations, the ability it has to reinvent itself quickly, the variety of games available, and, of course, the benefits it brings to its users. The problem is that many […]

Don’t miss the best multiplayer games to play online [2021]

best multiplayer games

Currently, a large number of games offer the possibility of enjoying online multiplayer mode. Many of these focus on competitiveness, while others provide a more relaxed experience when it comes to competing with friends. However, since there are so many options, it isn’t easy to choose just one; therefore, we decided to create a compilation […]

Top 7 hottest gaming accessories that you should definitely try

gaming accessories

Some time ago, those who had a joystick for the pc could be considered among the most advanced gamers, but those times are long gone. Today it is possible to find a wide variety of gaming accessories for all tastes, needs, and budgets. Why are video games accessories necessary? Although it is possible to enjoy […]

Who are the biggest esports stars from the USA?

esports stars

The world of esports moves a lot of passions and, of course, money. There are many fans who are passionate about esports tournaments, but others dream of becoming one of the top esports stars players in the USA. What does it take to be one of the best esport stars? If you love games so […]