The Mandela Effect on Video Games

The Mandela Effect

In video game culture, there have always been myths and urban legends. Gamers love to explore different ideas about their favorite games; however, half-truths and misinformation are conveyed as facts within those discussions. People love to believe mysterious and magical stories, but in many cases, there may be a psychological reason for this, such as […]

Ugami’s Guide on How to Become a Successful Twitch Streamer

The Internet and social networks provide the opportunity to express to the world what we like and what we are good at. We are in a time where we can create content and influence many people, and, in the process, build a community that shares our same energy, tastes, and humor.  One of the most […]

How to Make Money on Twitch

The tremendous impact of Twitch at the beginning of the pandemic prompted many content creators, gamers, artists, or just people who wanted to have fun and meet new people to create their channel, share their streams with the world and earn money on Twitch. However, there are many characteristics that you must take into account […]

Discover the best gaming chairs of 2022

Acquiring the best gaming chairs that suit our needs is one of the most convenient decisions we can make. If you are a gamer at heart, you will agree with us when we say that after spending many hours sitting in front of a PC or console, our muscles end up completely contracted, causing a […]

Meet the best graphics cards to play like a pro

A few years ago, only computer scientists used graphics cards; however, they have now become one of the most valuable parts in a computer. Both the design and gaming industries have grown exponentially, and with it, the need for users to have a graphics card with the best features. Therefore, if you are starting to […]

Top 5 Greatest Black Video Game Characters

Art and video games go hand in hand because, without a doubt, they are artistic works, and this is something that can shape the world around us. Every advertisement, every book, and painting influences people, which is why there must be a representation of all races in the video game industry. Through this representation, all […]

Uncovering the top 3 black video game’s pioneers

In the history of video games, there are incredible characters, people who, with their extraordinary talent, ingenuity, and creativity, were transforming the industry to make it as we know it today. There are three black video game’s pioneers who, for some reason, have remained in oblivion despite being the most important in the world of […]

Video Games About LOVE

Valentine’s Day is a date that many love and others hate; however, we cannot deny that it gives us the perfect excuse to celebrate one of the things that keep the world turning, love. In the world of video games, there are endless titles that beautifully cover this topic. If you want your heart to […]

Games similar to Resident Evil Village that you must try

If you are one of those who have already tried and finished the wonder that has been RE Village, you are likely going through post-game mourning. We know what it feels like to have your body screaming for a dose of pure adrenaline after finishing a game that you loved. So if you’re one of […]

Top 12: The most anticipated video games of 2022

If all goes as promised, 2022 will be an unforgettable year in video game history. Precisely for this reason, we wanted to share all the most anticipated video games in one place. Gradually this article will evolve throughout the year as dates are confirmed, the news is reported, and if there are delays. All the […]