Resident Evil Village for PS5: Everything you need to know

If you love any terror games, you have likely enjoyed Resident Evil video games, both the classic cut, most fast-action cuts such as those who have opted for action due to Resident Evil 4, or the first-person camera, such as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This is why, if you enjoy these titles, we bring you […]

Gaming Insights: Discover the Best Game Console of 2021

There has always been competition in the world of video games, and we are not only talking about the battlefield of the Battle Royale but about the large companies that allow us to play our favorite games. We have witnessed Nintendo competing with SEGA for nearly four decades, the rise of PlayStation and its struggle […]

The top 10 Best Nintendo Switch games of 2021

In this last year, we have not been able to stop playing, since 2021 has been full of notable titles and even some games with brilliant ideas of all genres for the Nintendo Switch platform. Many games from previous years have been positioned as the most played in the last 12 months. That is why […]

Console War: PS5 vs. Xbox Series X vs. Nintendo Switch

console war

Since the first consoles hit the market in the late 20th century, various “console war” versions have been made. The rivalry between the major video game console manufacturers has raised the stakes rapidly. Although Nintendo has been on the battlefield from the beginning, Sony and Microsoft have consolidated their positions among the best-selling video game […]