Who are the biggest esports stars from the USA?

esports stars

The world of esports moves a lot of passions and, of course, money. There are many fans who are passionate about esports tournaments, but others dream of becoming one of the top esports stars players in the USA. What does it take to be one of the best esport stars? If you love games so […]

Meet the most famous esports teams from the USA

esports teams

Esports has quickly become a multi-million-dollar phenomenon. The number of followers of electronic sports is increasing every day, opening doors to new forms of business and the emergence of esports teams and players at a professional level. This sports novelty in the world of video games has aroused many passions by awakening the curiosity of […]

The 5 2021 Esports Events that you must not miss!

esports events

Although it probably doesn’t make sense for many boomers, esports events are one of the most popular sports competitions today. Video game competitions actually unite millions of followers, which are increasing every day. However, esports is not a phenomenon of this century. In 1972, one of the first gaming competitions of its kind was held, […]