Uncovering the top 3 black video game’s pioneers

In the history of video games, there are not only incredible black characters but also people who, with their extraordinary talent, ingenuity, and creativity, were transforming the industry to make it as we know it today. There are three black video game’s pioneers who, for some reason, have remained in oblivion despite being the most […]

Top 7 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Gamers [2021]

We are in the most generous and wonderful time of the year, where we focus on finding the perfect gift for our loved ones, or even ourselves; because let’s be honest, we deserve it for having made so many perfect kills in the recent months. Although for a person who you know is passionate about […]

Did you know these surprising benefits of playing video games?

benefits of video games

Video games stopped being children’s things a long time ago. Today, it is a mature industry that is followed for many reasons, such as its technological innovations, the ability it has to reinvent itself quickly, the variety of games available, and, of course, the benefits it brings to its users. The problem is that many […]

Reach the next level with these gaming room decoration ideas!

gaming room decoration

Although a true gamer knows that what matters is enjoying a good game of his favorite video game, the experience can become unsurpassed when creating your own space dedicated to gaming. Many ideas appear every day to create the perfect gaming room, and that is why we bring you the top 5 areas to consider […]