How does Ugami offer value to its gamer community?

Ugami will change how gamers think about rewards and payments. Our solution stack, light structure, and revenue model, which is primarily driven by the interchange fee, allow us to pass on savings to our Ugamers community in the form of gaming-specific rewards and benefits, along with the Gamers Card.

Who are the Ugami Gamians?

They are part of the Ugami Universe! Most of them are fighting to save their world from the Umbral Daemonica and the Time Travelers factions. You can check out different Gamians, their factions (Nexians, Tanglers, Gladians and Singularians), and their stories on our social media (they give out pretty good advice). You might even earn […]

Can I earn Ugipoints from playing actual games?

You might! As of now, you can earn points by purchasing new games, but we’re working on synchronizing accounts so we can award you for activity on your favorite games, so keep an eye on our updates on social media channels.

What are the benefits of leveling up my Ugami account?

Every time you level up, you’ll be rewarded with Ugipoints. These reward points allow you to purchase merchandise from our store. Your account may earn more benefits as time passes, so don’t sleep on your level. We have big plans for our loyal Ugamers!

What are Achievements?

Achievements are prizes that are awarded as recognition for a player’s effort in completing specific tasks. The more difficult these tasks are, the better the reward or the bigger the pride of getting that achievement may be. Some players can dedicate hours, days, and even months to earn some of these!

Is Ugami a gaming company?

Yes. We are a gaming Company made by gamers for gamers. Our App is gamified and everything we do we do it with gamers interests and needs in mind.