Are there different Status Levels in the Ugami App?

Yes! Your status will climb as your Total Lifetime Ugipoints value increases. Ugipoints Rewards for Levelling Up: Status Levels Next Status TLU Required(03/21) ugipointsAwarded(03/21) Points To Next Reward(03/21) Beginner Level 1-9 Level 10 0 25 975 Apprentice Level 10-19 Level 20 1000 50 1500 Freelancer Level 20-29 Level 30 2500 125 2500 Journeyman Level 30-39 […]

How can I earn Achievement Badges?

You’ll have the opportunity to earn badges for completing certain actions within the App. The badges will be displayed in the achievements section of the App. Badges for Achievements:   Badge Name Achievement Badges You’re In Congrats on setting up your Ugami account Badges Ready Player 1 First Card transaction Badges Rolling Connect your payroll […]

How can I participate in the weekly Sweepstakes?

Any user will have the opportunity to win Ugipoints Sweepstakes for simply logging in 5 days in a week. It does not need to be consecutive. However, it does need to be Monday through Sunday. There will be 25 winners each week and each winner will win 1,000 Ugipoints.

What streaks can I take part in?

There are multiple streaks, which are no more than certain consecutive actions within the App, you can participate in and have the chance to win additional Ugipoints. Your available streak can be accessed in the Ugipoints section of the App. Ugipoints Rewards for Streaks: Category Rewards Event Activity Ugipoints awarded Login Keepin’ track 7-day streak […]