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Ugami: A fintech changing the way gamers experience finances

  March 21, 2023

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Times have changed, and it’s not a secret. The things that used to be normal in the past are not anymore. And that’s perfectly fine! Life is about evolving, and how we use regular banking is as well, thanks to Digital Banks.

Nowadays, going to a bank and doing all the transactions in a physical space is no longer necessary. Now you can handle everything online without even leaving your comfort zone, thanks to Neobanks or Digital Banks.

Are you ready to experience a whole new level of banking? Then keep reading because we bring you a new way to experience digital banking, especially if you’re a gamer.

What are digital banks?

Digital banking is done through a digital platform, meaning you can do all your banking activities online. This will save you time and money!

But now, Ugami has taken it to a new stage with gamers in mind!

What is Ugami, and why should all gamers join?

Ugami is a fintech that rewards you for your everyday purchases with Ugipoints, and you can consider it as a neobank for gamers. You can open a checking account and have physical and virtual debit cards that you can use daily.

Besides, the Ugami app is entirely gamified. You can perform actions within the app to accumulate more Ugipoints. You can later exchange them in the Ugami store for all kinds of gaming products. So basically, you can get FREE stuff or get BIG discounts on all products.

It sounds like a Win-Win situation! Doesn’t it?

What are Ugipoints?

We already discussed how Ugami is a debit card for gamers that rewards you for everyday purchases and one of the best digital banks that you can check. Well, the rewards you get are Ugipoints, which are exchangeable in the Ugami store for all kinds of products.

Each time you use your card, you will get X amount of Ugipoints. Besides it, you can complete daily tasks in the Ugami app to get extra Ugipoints like spinning the wheel, unlocking new achievements, leveling up your account, and playing games!

Who can apply for an Ugami account?

People 18 years old or older and legal residents of The United States of America can open an account in the Ugami app.

How can you open an Ugami account?

To open an Ugami account, you must download the Ugami app and follow the steps to sign up. After your documentation is approved, you can request your physical card. You can also add funds to your account and accumulate Ugipoints each time you use your physical or virtual card.

It’s simple and quick!

What type of account can I have?

Ugami offers you two types of accounts: Basic and Boosted.

With the BASIC account, you won’t pay any fee or extra charge, but you will be earning 3X Ugipoints each time you buy in the store or products related to gaming or streaming and 1X Ugipoints in everything else you use your card for.

With the BOOSTED account, you will only pay a small subscription fee of $9.99/month, but your benefits are bigger! Here, you will be getting 4X Ugipoints for all your purchases!

What can you expect from a debit card for gamers?

The #1 debit card for gamers in the United States of America offers a way to get rewarded for the things you love the most. Gamers out there will be able to get more gaming products, games, merchandising, etc., just by using their card every day. This will allow them to save money but still have the best in the video game industry. 

Besides, you will have support 24/7 for every problem you may have with your account. There’s also a team that it’s committed to delivering you the best service and features you will ever experience in banking.

It’s time to break up with regular banking and move on to a whole new level in financial services with Digital Banks. Join Ugami today, download the app, and start getting rewarded!

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