Meet the best graphics cards to play like a pro

A few years ago, only computer scientists used graphics cards; however, they have now become one of the most valuable parts in a computer. Both the design and gaming industries have grown exponentially, and with it, the need for users to have a graphics card with the best features. Therefore, if you are starting to […]

Top 12: The most anticipated video games of 2022

If all goes as promised, 2022 will be an unforgettable year in video game history. Precisely for this reason, we wanted to share all the most anticipated video games in one place. Gradually this article will evolve throughout the year as dates are confirmed, the news is reported, and if there are delays. All the […]

Discover the best Christmas video games that you cannot miss

Christmas is the time of year when everything is filled with lights, colors, and a uniquely warm and family atmosphere. Besides the cold weather, Christmas means being with friends or family, and enjoying being by their side, but in some cases, the company of Christmas theme video games also counts.  Top 6 Christmas video games […]

Top 5 Best Gaming Stores to buy games online in 2022

gaming store

A few years ago, the video game industry began to decline due to piracy. Despite the regulations made at the legal level and the anti-piracy measures that each gaming store took, they could do little to eradicate the problem completely. This was causing that there were not so many releases of exclusive game titles for PC, […]