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Level up your finances with the Ugami Boosted Card!

  April 4, 2023

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Calling all gamers! 

This is your time to get BIG rewards by using the Ugami Card, your favorite Debit Card for Gamers. We just launched our Ugami Boosted Card service, which will grant you access to a whole new finance experience for a small monthly fee of just $9.99. 

If you are already an Ugamer, you may have noticed that your account was downgraded to the Basic version (You were enjoying a FREE trial of our Boosted Account) but don’t panic! This is good news; it means that when you boost your account, you will get more perks to fully explode your Ugami benefits. 

What’s new with the Ugami Boosted Card?

4X on all your purchases:

This is a feature you were already enjoying during the trial version. Once you boost your account, you will get access again to the wonderful 4X Ugipoints each time you use your Ugami card. Essentially, you will unlock a special multiplier that allows you to earn up to 4X on all your purchases, everywhere, anytime. 

Credit monitoring

So, we all want a good credit score, but most of us are not really good at keeping track of our monthly records. With this perk, you will be able to monitor your credit score in a friendly way and learn about the factors affecting it or boosting it. 

Boosted badge + UP bonus

We are gamers; we love badges that make clear that we accomplish goals. So, of course, we are giving you that too! after all, our app is completely gamified! Once you boost your account, you will unlock a cool badge and earn 500 Ugipoints just for it! Do you love rewards? This is your place to be. 

Boosted ACH and daily limits

By now, you may be aware of the spending limits. If those were not enough for you, with your Ugami Boosted Card, you can exceed the existing ACH limits. How does that work? You can daily get $5,000, monthly $20,000 and your daily transaction amount will be $3,500. 

It’s time to get the best rewards for using your Ugami Card!

Get your Ugami Boosted Debit Card today and start enjoying all of these perks! Don’t miss out on the chance to get rewards for your everyday purchases. Remember, each Ugipoint you get is a step closer to covering all your gaming needs. 

And if you haven’t downloaded the Ugami app, what are you waiting for? This is the best time to join and become a true Ugamer! 

We are Ugami, the #1 debit card for gamers, the place where you play like pros and pay like pros

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