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7 multiplayer horror games you MUST play this Halloween!

  October 18, 2021

Going down a dark corridor with tense music in the background… Every gamer knows exactly what this means. However, it is unnecessary to go through this terrifying experience alone since there are many multiplayer horror games you can play with some company.

That is why here we bring you a list of the best horror video games to play with your friends, both cooperative and competitive. Of course, we warn you that weaker friendships can break after a couple of games, so use this information wisely and play only with those worthy of being scared with you.


The bad thing about facing games in which the terror is supported by a script and an AI is that sooner or later, it will become predictable, and you will find a way to overcome obstacles without significant problems. But if you take all that idea to a multiplayer, things change completely. Here the scare will come from the hand of an assassin controlled by you or another player so that the game will get a bit unpredictable.

This is one of the best Halloween video games you can play with your friends, as Dead by Daylight allows players to choose which side to play. While Killer offers more varied and entertaining gameplay, with characters like Michael Myers from Halloween, Ghostface from Scream, Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Demogorgon from Stranger Things, and Freddy Krueger from Elm Street joining the original monstrosities.

For your part, escaping the gruesome scenario as a survivor can be surprisingly fun. Your task will be to turn on the generators that will allow you to leave the map while dodging the assassin, and although there are weapons and abilities, you will always feel the tension the moment the killer manages to find you.


Sign of Silence is an online horror game for teams of four players that takes us to the surroundings of Danwille, an abandoned city that is very unfriendly to strangers. This game is about a cooperative experience. Here it is necessary to coordinate all efforts with colleagues and be as cautious as possible to escape the city without being detected or suffer consequences… Although you are going to suffer anyway, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

3 – LEFT 4 DEAD 2

This is possibly one of the best-known multiplayer horror games. This game is a cooperative FPS created by Valve, where our task will be to survive levels infested with zombies of different types, accompanied by three other survivors.

Due to the intensity of the combat and the stealthy and lethal that some of the zombies can be, the scares will be more than assured in Left 4 Dead 2, making it one of the best multiplayer horror games ever created. Will the whole team be capable of surviving?


This game quickly became one of the biggest hits of 2020. It is a multiplayer horror video game inspired by reality tv shows, where a maximum of four players must investigate the presence of ghosts. If you liked Fatal Frame or the Japanese horror video games, this is the game for you and your friends.

For this, they will be able to make use of notebooks, flashlights, and cameras. They must then expose themselves to paranormal presences in order to discover their true nature. Phasmophobia will keep you scared until the last moment. The best thing is that no two games will be the same, so you will never know what to expect before each play.


The dynamics of this Halloween video game are similar to Dead By Daylight. While one of the players takes the role of a monstrous rat, the other players must play the role of survivors. The problem is that the player in charge of being the monstrous rat or “hunter” has very poor vision, so they will use their sense of hearing to kill the survivors.

Now, one thing that makes In Silence more interesting than other multiplayer horror games, is that the proximity voice chat is always activated automatically, so those who must flee must communicate in whispers or in the most absolute silence to escape without any problems. Without a doubt, a game that will keep your nerves on edge and help you discover who your true friends are through thick and thin.


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Devour is one of the most innovative Halloween-themed video games. This is a simple game. The only task for your team will be to exorcise Anna. Wait, did we say simple? We wanted to say anything BUT simple.

You see, Anna is not just any girl who was possessed one day for playing the Ouija board or reading the tarot, she is actually the leader of a demonic cult, and if we can’t stop the demon that possessed her, she will drag us to hell with her.

In order to exorcise her, the four players must cooperate to fulfill the objectives of each level, which will result in a downright terrifying experience not suitable for people with heart problems.


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Dead Space is a classic among fans of space horror video games. In this installment of the saga, it is possible to play in story mode and in cooperative mode, which allows you to complete missions and achieve much simpler objectives.

During Dead Space 3, one of the characters may begin to experience hallucinations, which can be very funny if you are not the victim of this. Terror will seize who controls the second character when they see enemies appear in the less expected and unannounced places… especially if those enemies are not there.


multiplayer horror games

With these multiplayer horror games, you can spend the best moments with your friends this Halloween. However, you can still do much more to improve the experience. If the horror video game party will be local and not remote, it is a good idea to get snacks and even decorate the place where they will play a bit.

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