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Games similar to Resident Evil Village that you must try

  February 10, 2022

If you are one of those who have already tried and finished the wonder that has been RE Village, you are likely going through post-game mourning. We know what it feels like to have your body screaming for a dose of pure adrenaline after finishing a game that you loved. So if you’re one of us, keep reading to discover the best six games similar to Resident Evil Village should try.

The Medium

In 2021, the Bloober Team studio launched the video game The Medium, both for Xbox Series and Windows 10. One of the things that the public loved was its simplicity in terms of difficulty, differentiating it from other horror games. In this way, all gamers were able to give importance to the development of the plot and the duality of the planes since this game has surprised everyone by showing two very different realities at the same time, depending on the situation.

Weapons don’t exist in this game, and solving puzzles is easier than Resident Evil Village, so you can fully enjoy the journey with the protagonist.

Additionally, Bloober Team ditched the weapons and first-person view of their previous horror games to deliver cinematic shots like the great works of the mid-’90s. So if you take this game as a lighter version of Resident Evil, you won’t be disappointed.

Daymare: 1998

Daymare: 1998 is a video game released in 2019 by the Invader Studios studio. The same designers created this game like Resident Evil 2 Reborn, an unofficial remake of the game, so they took advantage of that material that the public had never seen to give it more power and style.

Daymare: 1998 belongs to the survival horror genre. The perspective is given with the camera from the shoulder and mixes the action with puzzles, a simple dynamic, but it works as a very alternative to Resident Evil.

All ammunition counts because it is not easy to hit the targets. And there are puzzles, like the Greek one, that will force us to take notes in a notebook so as not to make mistakes.

Alan Wake

games similar to Resident Evil Village

Alan Wake is a video game with many references to the Twin Peaks TV series, which makes it super fun if you know the character. The plot tells the story of a writer who goes crazy after his wife disappears in a very mysterious town with many things to discover.

This horror game has many similarities to Obscure because the light is essential to the entire gameplay. You can weaken the enemies with a flashlight and then shoot them later with firearms. Alan Wake has been very popular with the public for its dark aesthetics, impeccable soundtrack with wonderful scenes, and plot development, which is related to the book written by the protagonist himself.

Song of Horror

games similar to Resident Evil Village

Song of Horror has the particularity of not using the typical elements of a video game of the horror genre, which has stood out a lot for gamers. This one plays with many other genres to create a more exciting environment.

The tribute to those of the nineties gives a plus to the plot and the game’s visual aesthetics. The antagonist adds even more personality since it is a villain that reacts to the way the user plays, so that, In this way, the games are not repeated, and the tension is maintained while you play.

Protocol Games released this game in episodic format, but it is already fully available because the first chapters came out in 2020. Each of them is an intense experience; you will be able to know the history of all the characters until, little by little, they come together.

The Evil Within

games similar to Resident Evil Village

If you want to play a video game that makes you suffer and have fun simultaneously, The Evil Within is a great option. Shinji Mikami was the one who led this project, and yes, he is the same designer as Resident Evil.

This video game fascinated lovers of the horror genre due to its great story, which can obsess you from the first minute. You must know that there are no zombies in this game, but a series of events occur so traumatically that our protagonists will end up tormented.

Dead Space

games similar to Resident Evil Village

In Dead Space, you’ll enter a spaceship called the USG Ishimura, and you’ll embody Isaak Clarke, its main character and engineer. You will have to face the necromorphs, a highly aggressive extraterrestrial undead species, who will try to kill anyone who is not infected and get out of it alive.

This video game is backward compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and is considered the best work of the Visceral Games studio. In addition, it is a saga that continues with Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3, so you can play for hours.

Psychological horror will never go out of style

Today, many games in the psychological horror genre have many new styles. However, many still prefer the classic survival horror vein, exceptionally loyal fans of Resident Evil.

Although Capcom’s classic video game is extraordinary, we must also recognize that many games of the same genre are just as good. We assure you that the games’ plot mentioned in this list will hook you, and you can enjoy them alone and with your friends. In addition, if you acquire these games using a gamer card like the Ugami card, not only will you be able to play for many hours, but you will also be able to accumulate Ugipoints. 

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