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Know the 7 most played video games [2021]

  January 3, 2022

Although the year 2021 is behind us, it does not hurt to pay tribute to all those games that brighten many gamers’ lives. And is that every year the different video game platforms such as Steam, Nintendo, or Microsoft reveal the most successful games. These lists let us know that fashion passes very quickly in the first place since there is no trace in the different lists of games such as Among Us or Fall Guys, the most sold and played of the year 2020.

And second, classics like Rust or CoD will always lead the top spots thanks to loyal players. So, you super powerful gamer reading this, let me introduce you to the most played video games of 2021 on all platforms.

1- Rust

most played video games of 2021

Steam has published the list of the most played games of the year 2021, and one of them was Rust, even though it has already been on the market for more than eight years. Rust is considered one of the best survival video games. However, it is possibly the wildest and most cruel survival adventure to come out in recent years. It’s precisely that harshness and fear that it generates that makes Rust never go out of style.

No one is safe in this game, available for PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. In the wild world of Rust, you will find a hostile environment where hundreds of players fight for survival. You may think that it is a game like many others, but the truth is that this video game achieves what other survival adventures cannot even dream of.

It is hard to believe that a video game with such colorful graphics, without undead, nightmare creatures, or anything like that (well, except if you play during the Halloween season), can be one of the most terrifying titles of all there is in the market today. No one can get rid of that crazy homicidal rage that everyone who plays Rust seems to feel, and in the end, almost irretrievably, you will lose faith in humanity. And you will also stop believing in happy endings to join the hunt.

You will explore an unknown and terrifyingly dangerous world (you will be surprised about how many ways you can get yourself death within this game). You will have to collect resources to build a resistant base and protect your loot from the raids.

In addition, you will have to manufacture the best work tools, which will allow you to create weapons, defense systems, and equipment to protect yourself from the many Life-threatening dangers, including cold, radiation, or lack of food.

2- Apex Legends

Apex Legends is almost three years old. A Battle Royale developed by Respawn successfully achieved its mission, competing against Fortnite.

Since then, the game has received all kinds of changes, from balance tweaks in both weapons and characters to significant modifications to its map, not to mention the arrival of a new legend with each season. However, it remains pretty faithful to its origins, only much more entertaining and complete.

All characters in Apex Legends adapt to all types of players. Another attraction that stands out the most in Apex Legends is its movement and gameplay. The title is even more furious than in its beginnings since the shooting and the variety of weapons you have access to are better than ever.

The shooting sensation is easily one of the best in the Battle Royal genre. Going down a mountain, skidding, and then jumping while attacking an enemy is one of the most gratifying sensations this game can give you.

This game is not only free, but you also do not need to have an additional subscription such as PS Plus to play on PlayStation 4 or something similar on PC, although to play it on Xbox One if you need to have Xbox Live Gold. Another great advantage is that Apex Legends is now available on Nintendo Switch.

3- League of Legends: Wild Rift

most played video games of 2021

League of Legends has become one of the favorite PC games of many gamers, which is why in 2019, Riot Games announced that this game would finally leap mobile so that everyone could play it wherever they went. Finally, in December 2020, the LoL landed on iOS and Android, and in 2021 it was positioned as one of the most played mobile games.

When you download League of Legends: Wild Rift, you will realize that the graphics are accurate to the PC version. That is an important point because, in other MOBA games such as Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor, you enter from scratch; you do not know the characters, their abilities, or how to carry them.

There are some changed abilities, such as Ashe’s arrow, that we can now move as we want, but as a general rule, the game mechanics are the same as in League of Legends for PC.

That is positive since if you know the PC game, you will feel at home with the mobile game, and you can have fun without having to learn everything from scratch. However, the game is also very well-thought-out for new users.

Everything is automated, from attacks and abilities, which can be launched automatically, to the store. That allows us to focus on playing and disconnect a bit from the metagame. If we add well-implemented controls and the possibility of playing with friends, in the end, we have a good fun game that is entertaining and that you want to access in the dying moments.

4- Call of Duty: Mobile

most played video games of 2021

Call of Duty: Mobile is today more than ever that desperate cry of having a compilation with the best of the first installments since the explosion of the first Modern Warfare. A compendium that, far from being an understatement, includes more weapons, streaks, advantage points, and accessories than any other recent CoD.

And most important of all, playing it is as fun as you remember; no campers, no twisted maps, and a classic style that will make you feel nostalgic.

Currently, this shooting video game is going through its season 11. However, it is always fun to entertain yourself with the multiplayer mode and beat up all enemies you cross in the different campaigns.

5- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild of Nintendo Switch is a beautiful game that has been on the market for almost five years now, but it has positioned itself as one of the most played video games of 2021 on this platform. This is why the second part of this saga, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, has become one of the most anticipated video games of 2022.

This game can awaken the warm sensation of exploration we carry within us. Your world breathes life. You will have the opportunity to meet many characters, from travelers with their motivations to vendors, farmers, guards, and children.

Compared to previous games, one of the most innovative features is the degree of freedom it offers, not only when going somewhere on the map but when carrying out specific actions. The game does that everyone experiences Link’s adventures differently and personally.

6- Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is a new Nintendo masterpiece, which is why it has become one of the most played Nintendo Switch games in 2021 because it pays a great tribute to its entire universe.

It is full of playable and aesthetic novelties, but at the same time, we can see in it the sum of all the titles that we have enjoyed for years. Even the classics that, directly, we will be able to play thanks to all those 2D passages that the game includes.

The Super Mario Odyssey kingdom’s music is spectacular; in portable mode looks great, the animations are impeccable, and the level of detail is exquisite. So trust me when I tell you that you won’t play Super Mario Odyssey; you will DEVOUR it. You can enjoy it alone or in company, in the comfort of your living room -or anywhere else, thanks to the portable mode-.

7- Fortnite

If Battle Royale games are the unanimous trend in the video game industry, there is no doubt that Fortnite is king. Epic’s game is available for all platforms and is free to play, so it is not surprising that it was one of the most played video games of 2021 in America.

Fortnite challenges us to be the last standing in the ultimate survival test: 100 players facing death on an island to be the last standing.

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While there has been no shortage of games released in recent years, many may be surprised to learn that the majority of the most played video games of 2021 are, in fact, much older.

The reason? All the games mentioned are excellent. Whether you want to distract yourself for a few minutes or discharge all your anger or energy, you will always have the necessary options that adapt to the type of gamer you are. In addition, there are no limits when playing since, for the most part, they are available for each of the platforms.

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