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Top 6 LGBTQ video games that you must play ASAP!

  June 24, 2021

Every year new titles of LGBTQ video games appear, and although it seems like a thing of modern times, the truth is that it goes back a long time, and you can find video games with this theme since the late 80s.

There is currently a great deal of controversy over the reasons why video game studios increasingly include LGBTQ + representation in video games, ranging from political correctness to commercial interest (According to study results, “gaymers” spend up to 8% more on average in videogames than heterosexuals).

However, motives aside, most of these games feature stories and characters that have shaped many gamers’ lives, even becoming critically acclaimed video games.

That is why, in pride month 2021, we bring you the list of the top 6 LGBTQ + Videogames that you must play right now!

1- Overwatch

In 2016 Overwatch became one of the most popular games ever made by Blizzard Entertainment. The game has quite attractive mechanics since it is a multiplayer FPS where it is possible to select a hero in three different categories.

One of these heroes is “Tracer,” who, due to her personality and design characteristics, ended up conquering the public to the point of being one of the company’s most iconic characters. Later, in the game’s official digital comics, Blizzard revealed that Tracer is a lesbian.

This positive representation was acclaimed by the media and by players, and its popularity has only increased since then.

2- Life is strange (series) 

The Life is Strange series is possibly one of the best LGBT games that exist today. One of the reasons why this series is so claimed by the fans (which already has three games and a prequel) is the deep social vision and devastating moral debates that the player faces during each game.

Likewise, emblematic characters such as Chloe Price (Life Is Strange, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm), a rebellious girl, tattooed, with blue hair and with all the possibilities of earning the love of the gamers, cannot be left out. Her “partner in crime,” Max Caulfield, and others like Rachel Amber, Sean Diaz, or Steph, also bring a lot of diversity to each of these games.

These games have a graphic adventure format divided into episodes and have a decision-making system that affects the game’s plot. Life is Strange: True Colors will be the new game in this series and will be available in September of this year.

3- The Last of Us I & II

Zombies, shooting, and a dystopian future sounds perfect, but what if we add a lesbian protagonist to that? Well, the controversy is served. Ellie conquered the hearts of gamers in The Last of Us and its DLC, Left Behind. It is in this extension where it is revealed to us that Ellie was attracted to girls.

For years to come, many more conservative gamers claimed that those “Left Behind” scenes didn’t mean anything about her sexuality since she was just a young girl, and she might be confused. It was those gamers who received the wrong confirmation of Ellie’s homosexuality in The Last of Us II.

But it was not only that, but they also introduced a trans woman as the great villain of the game, which caused many hate campaigns to be created to boycott the game. Fortunately, they failed, and now Ellie has become one of the most iconic LGBTQ characters in video games.

4- Gone Home

LGBTQ video games

Gone Home is a game with first-person exploration mechanics. The plot is relatively simple. The player arrives at a mansion on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, and is surprised that none of the inhabitants are in the house.

The game consists of managing Kaitlin Greenbriar to search for clues that help discover what happened, collecting various objects throughout the house. Kaitlin’s sister, Samantha, left her a series of letters throughout the mansion. She confesses what she lived through since her family moved there and how she began to have a relationship with another girl named Lonnie.

Other family secrets but darker in tone come to light during the player’s investigation. This game has been considered an actual work of art by critics. Its immersive atmosphere, intriguing plot, and realistic characters make it a jewel of the modern gaming world.

5- Gayblade

LGBTQ video games

Gayblade is one of those gems that brings with it an incredible story. This game had been programmed in 1992 by Ryan Best, and although it was not a commercial success, it did become a cult game. This creator, inspired by the first LGBT video game (Caper in the Castro, 1989), decided to create an RPG focused on the LGBTQ community.

This game served as an escape route for the entire sex-diverse community since it was a lesbian and gay role-playing game parody. The player had to fight against preachers, giant crabs, and any other threat to the LGBT community.

The problem was that, in a move in 2004, Ryan lost the master copies of this magnificent game. Everything had been given up for lost until the documentary “High Score” reached Netflix. Then the Schwules Museum in Berlin contacted the production company to inform them that he had the files.

Thanks to that, this master jewel was made available to the public for free, so that anyone who wants to play it can download it here without problems.

6- Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

LGBTQ video games

Dream Daddy consists of an interactive visual novel. Here the player will have the possibility to choose between seven different “daddy” options with which to go out on a date. This game quickly became one of the most popular LGBT video games on Steam, and no wonder.

Although its plot might seem like any other dating simulator, the truth is that this game has a little plot twist: not only will you date your “Dream Daddy,” but you will also be one. The protagonist of this game is a single father who has just arrived in town with his teenage daughter.

You are still trying to get over the death of your spouse. Although the game allows you to specify whether it was a woman or a man, you will now only be interested in dating other men. The result is a fun, exciting, and highly human game, with a very well-worked script around this theme.

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LGBTQ video games

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