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Top 6 sports games that you will love to play!

  September 6, 2021

Sports arouse many passions, even within the world of video games. The best thing is that they do not focus on just one type of sport, but there are several to choose from: Soccer, Football, Skating, Basketball, Wrestling, golf, and more.

Sports video games have existed since the beginning of gaming history. They have been very successful since they allow you to enjoy sports without the need to practice it in real life, whether it is to simulate an experience closer to reality or simply have fun in a competition. That is why today, millions of users continue to enjoy the best sports video games.


In the world of sports video games, there are different types of game modalities, among which the following stand out:

  • Simulation: The game style is usually much more realistic to allow the user to immerse themselves in the experience.
  • Arcade: This type of game offers a realistic experience, although not as much as the simulation ones, and its ideal is to enjoy quick games and accumulate the most points.
  • Management or direction: Here, the user will not be a player but the team’s coach and will plan strategies to face his selection against other teams controlled by AI.
  • Fantasy: Users of this type of sports game create fantasy teams with professional players taking statistics into account to compete online against other players.
  • RPG: This type of video game imitates the sports experience and combines it with an RPG experience. They even allow the possibility of increasing capacities and being able to buy new skills.


We like to welcome you to our little hall of fame of Sports Gaming. There will be sweating, tears, joy and, of course, a lot of fun:

1- FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is a popular soccer video game. While it does not offer a significant revolution, it does make some welcome changes to the gameplay and visuals.

Visually, FIFA 23 is a real eye-catcher on the new console generation. HyperMotion2 makes players’ movements appear even smoother and more realistic. The game also features improved lighting and textures, making the stadiums and environments look more lifelike.

Regarding gameplay, FIFA 23 differs from its predecessor in several ways:

  1. Defending is more rewarding, as players can use their bodies to block shots and passes.
  2. Pace is no longer the only determining factor in a match, as timing and positioning are now more important.
  3. Combining play is more fluid and realistic, thanks to the new passing and dribbling mechanics.

To sum up, FIFA 23 is a solid improvement over FIFA 22. And while we wait for EA SPORTS FC 24, we can play FIFA 23!

2- Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2

The Tony Hawk Pro Skater games became the best skating video games of all time since 1999. Although no news of the saga had arrived since the early 2000s, last year, Vicarious Vision managed to develop and launch the remastering of the classics. THPS 1 and 2.

In this new release, you can enjoy updated graphics and new game modes, such as online multiplayer and new challenges. Players can also note that although the original soundtrack of these games was perfect, this remastering includes it almost in its entirety and incorporates new songs that are simply perfect for that title.

3- NBA 2K24

The latest NBA 2K has excellent on-court gameplay. It also offers a significant depth and dedication to looking, sounding, and feeling like a genuine NBA experience.

Despite being a little short on flashy new mechanics, NBA 2K24 still looks fantastic, and its on-court gameplay is incrementally stronger than ever. The new ProPLAY feature allows 2K to take NBA footage and translate it to in-game animations in real-time, making the game’s movement on the court smoother and more authentic. There are also fewer immersion-breaking interactions, making the game feel more realistic overall.

However, this is overshadowed by the game’s pervasive microtransactions, which are essential to compete with other players online. These in-game purchases are crucial to compete with other players online.

Overall, NBA 2K24 is a talented game that is held back by its microtransactions. The series could reach its full potential if it can address this issue in future installments.

4- PGA Tour 2K21

This is the new title of the “The Golf Club” saga. In this new version, the system of traditional guides and aids has been improved, as well as the realism of the game. On the PGA Tour 2K21, you can enjoy very satisfying and flexible golf games.

Another reason why this is one of the best golf video games is that you will have the opportunity to play in 15 of the best golf courses in the USA. Depending on your performance in each competition, you can get sponsorships from different clothing manufacturers, so you can enjoy the experience of being a professional golfer.

5- Madden NFL 24

Even though Madden NFL 24 is not the best football video game, it is a good game. This installment has some improvements over its predecessor. The on-field gameplay is excellent, and there are some promising signs.
The new Hit Everything 2.0 feature makes tackling more realistic and challenging. Besides, the Superstar X-Factors also add a new layer of strategy to the game.
One of the most significant improvements is to the FieldSENSE system. This system combines the existing Hit Everything system with new animations. This results in more realistic and impactful tackles and more realistic catches.

Another improvement is to the Skill-Based Passing system. This system adds new animations that better represent the scenarios players are in when catching passes to have realistic catches.

In addition to the new animations, Madden NFL 24 also features new player models that look more realistic than ever before. Besides, the player models have been updated to reflect the latest NFL uniforms and equipment.

F1 2023

F1 23 is the latest installment in the famous Formula 1 racing video game series. It has been hailed as one of the best racing video games on the market. The game features some improvements over its predecessor, including improved handling for the new-era cars, a new story mode, and a new reward-based progression system. 

One of the biggest improvements in F1 23 is the handling of the new-era cars. The cars in F1 22 were notoriously tricky to handle, but Codemasters has significantly changed the physics engine in F1 23, making the cars feel more responsive and easier to control.

Another major improvement is the addition of a new story mode called Braking Point. This mode follows the story of a young driver who is trying to make it to Formula 1. The narrative is full of drama and excitement and is a great way to learn about the sport.

F1 23 also features a new reward-based progression system. This system rewards players for completing challenges and objectives and allows players to unlock new content, such as cars, drivers, and liveries.

This is why F1 is considered one of the best sports video games of all time.


best sports video games

Today, it is possible to find all kinds of sports video games for all tastes and with different game modes. With them, you can enjoy everything from friendly competitions to feeling the tension of the last seconds of play in a close game.

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