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Console War: PS5 vs. Xbox Series X vs. Nintendo Switch

  July 11, 2021

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Since the first consoles hit the market in the late 20th century, various “console war” versions have been made. The rivalry between the major video game console manufacturers has raised the stakes rapidly.

Although Nintendo has been on the battlefield from the beginning, Sony and Microsoft have consolidated their positions among the best-selling video game consoles. If you still have not decided on any of these consoles during the current console war, do not worry; at Ugami, we bring you an excellent comparison to help you make your decision correctly.

PS5: A console that aims for the future

console war

When Sony announced its next-gen console release, the PS5, the company’s hype was incredibly high. When the console finally reached gamers, it showed why it is one of today’s most popular video game companies.

The PS5 is really fast and wholly outpaced all its previous consoles in terms of processing speed, with hardly any effort. As for the resolution at which you can view the contents, not only will you have PS5 Dolby Vision, but you will also be able to enjoy your games at 4K resolution, reaching up to 120 FPS.

This opens a lot of space to develop and enjoy games with ultra-realistic graphics, accompanied by 3D audio, another of the great features of this console. Although currently, the list of titles you can play on this console is not that extensive, Sony has announced new games that promise to impress everyone.

This shortage of titles isn’t a problem, as the PS5 offers backward compatibility with PS4 games. Nor can it be ignored that the PlayStation Plus membership of the PS5 provides the most benefits to subscribers.

On the other hand, the new DualSense is also considered to be the best control that has been created for a console. Its shape is entirely ergonomic, but its features greatly enhance playability.

The PS5 offers a top model that includes a built-in 4K blu-ray player but offers another version in digital. The PS5 Digital Edition has the same hardware like the PS5 but does not include a Disc Drive, which means that you can only play the titles in digital format, which is digitally downloaded games into the console.

Xbox Series X: Cloud gaming + integration at the tip of your fingers

console war

Microsoft has been a formidable rival for Sony. The Xbox Series X has become a favorite among gamers. Let’s start talking about the hardware: in this section, the Microsoft console offers much more power than the PS5. This is because Microsoft has set a goal to make its console as close to PC as possible.

That is why, in addition to powerful hardware, it also offers several unique features:

  • Minimum loading times (games take less than 20 seconds to load).
  • Next-generation upgrades.
  • Impressive power.
  • Features like ray tracing.

The Xbox Series X doesn’t have a host of exclusive titles at the gaming level either, and it hasn’t made as special announcements as Sony for its PS5, either. However, Microsoft has the Game Pass going for it. The Game Pass is a subscription game service that allows you to play popular titles.

Visually, the Xbox allows you to play at 4K resolution, and with a large capacity of RAM and SSD, you can easily enjoy your favorite games.

The ace up in Microsoft’s sleeve is Cloud Gaming, which is integrated with the Game Pass. This service allows you to integrate the Xbox with the PC and mobile devices so that advances in gameplay, trophies, and even games can be kept connected simultaneously.

In this way, gamers will be able to change their console, device, or PC and have their saved content synchronized in real time to continue their game without problems. This indeed represents a significant advantage over the other next-gen consoles.

Nintendo Switch: A familiar face with unique features

console war

In a short time, the Nintendo Switch established itself as a symbol of gaming. Unlike the Xbox or PS5, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t stand out for having ultra-realistic graphics, but it has focused on creating memorable games for its gamer community.

Let’s start by talking about the console. It is a versatile device since it works as a console and as a portable gaming device, which has allowed gamers to take their games with them wherever they go. This is because the Nintendo Switch includes a touch screen, which will enable it to be used in many different ways.

Nintendo has another advantage over its competitors. It has a large number of exclusive titles popular with its fans, such as the sagas related to Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and others. Because these games are highly sought after and can only be played on the Nintendo Switch, gamers of all ages want to own this console.

One of Nintendo’s drawbacks was the limited availability of games developed by third parties. However, with recent releases, this situation has been changing. After all, the Nintendo Switch has been on the market for several years, although it has received improvements in hardware and functionalities.

It is also possible to create a Nintendo Switch Account, which allows you to connect the console with some games, accumulate points, and exchange them for certain rewards in the Nintendo Store Rewards.

What team to pick in the ultimate console war?

console war

If you are looking for more realistic and advanced games to play more professionally, the PS5 or Xbox Series X is better. If you just want to have fun anywhere with your longtime favorite characters, then the Nintendo Switch is your ideal choice.

As for the PS5 vs. the Xbox Series X, the PS5 offers many titles on a digital level; its graphics are impressive, the backward compatibility with the previous console allows you to continue enjoying your games, and its controllers will leave you more than satisfied.

For its part, the Xbox allows you to enjoy the same game on different devices almost simultaneously. Its subscription system for video games, the Game Pass, undoubtedly offers players a lot of flexibility.

However, no matter which console you choose, it is essential that you take advantage of the advantages that you can get if you buy it with a Credit and Debit Card for Gamers, such as the Ugami Card. With this card, you can accumulate Ugipoints with each purchase.

You can exchange it for other consoles, hardware, software, and many other items related to the gamer world simply and quickly. Don’t forget to Download the Ugami App to be among the first to use the Ugami Card to buy any of the best-selling consoles available on the market.

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