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Gaming Insights: Discover the Best Game Console of 2021

  January 6, 2022

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There has always been competition in the world of video games, and we are not only talking about the battlefield of the Battle Royale but about the large companies that allow us to play our favorite games. We have witnessed Nintendo competing with SEGA for nearly four decades, the rise of PlayStation and its struggle with Xbox, and Nintendo’s resurgence with the Switch.

However, gamers always found a new excuse and the best time to buy video game consoles, either by feeling identified with the brand, not being left behind when it comes to our friends, or by a game that particularly caught our attention.

That is why it was time to reveal which was the best game console of the year 2021, considering the number of people who acquired it, but I warn you that reality is not what it seems. 

2021 with a lack of stock

2021 was destined to have no excuses of any kind as it was the year of a new generation of Sony and Microsoft, with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, so the gamer forecast was that these consoles were the ones that would reach the maximum sales. What was not known was that 2021 had another crisis insight for us: the global chip shortage.

This global supply crisis crushed the dreams and illusions of thousands of gamers in a more bloody murderous way than the first 10 minutes of the Dark Souls’ gameplay and caused Sony and Microsoft to be involved in a huge lack of stock that has had a negative impact on sales. 

3- PS5

PS5 was destined to be the best game console; every Sony fan was waiting for it. Therefore, this meant that the increase in the number of devices sold in 2021 would be exponential; however, the enormous shortage that has shaken the technology sector has meant that the sales of the PlayStation have only a slight rebound over the previous year. 

It is curious that in 2020 when Sony announced the launch of the PS5, they obtained almost the same sales as in 2021, the year of the global premiere of the long-awaited console. However, this does not mean that the console is a fiasco; what’s more, it is mighty.

PlayStation 5 had two significant challenges ahead. Number one, continue the remarkable legacy of the PlayStation 4. And number two, withstand the onslaught of Microsoft, which reaches the new generation much better prepared than it was in 2013 when the Xbox One landed on the market trying to do a Fatality to the PS4.

That is why we have a very powerful, fast, and high-storage capacity PS5 that offers a defined and differentiated gaming experience. Also, PlayStation 5 can easily measure it with the Xbox Box Series X in terms of the quality of the games’ graphics.

The interface has also become a more affordable and straightforward experience, and the new controls stand out for their unique capabilities.

2- Xbox Series X

Best Game Console

Microsoft and its Xbox have gone through something similar due to supplies. Although 2021 has not been bad for them, rising from 6 million sales to 8 million, their numbers are, in recent years, quite far from reaching other companies such as Nintendo or Sony.

Microsoft has been at a considerable distance from its competitors for several years and has not come to offer a product that changes things. In fact, Oculus glasses, belonging to the Meta universe and dedicated to virtual reality, have surpassed Xbox itself in 2021, with 8.1 million devices sold, which is why it is second on the list.

However, the Xbox Series X has many charms, starting with its hardware. In short, its power exceeds the PlayStation 5. Microsoft’s goal has always been for its console to be as similar to a PC as possible.

In addition, we cannot deny that Xbox Series X has a significant advantage regarding the loading time of the games, which all gamers appreciate. Also, the number of titles that gamers can play, thanks to all PC games’ integration with this console.

Its RAM and SSD capacity is extraordinary, so there are no limits to enjoying the games you like the most, in 4K image quality.

1- Nintendo Switch becomes the best game console

While the rest of the consoles were looking for their site, Nintendo found it years ago. Its Nintendo Switch continues to sweep, and in 2021 it exceeded 20 million sales, thus becoming the best game console of the year. In 2020 this console obtained almost 28 million sales due to the global confinement, but neither the supply crisis nor the wear and tear of a veteran console have been able to end with it.

Why does Nintendo dominate? It is a console to enjoy with friends or family; in this way the exclusivity of timeless classics such as Mario, Zelda, or Pokémon, in addition to being an easily portable console, explain its total domination of the world.

Have fun with the Best Game Console of 2021

While it is true that in 2021 there were many obstacles for Sony and Microsoft, this does not mean that their consoles are not the best on the market at the moment; in fact, the waitlist to acquire both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, continues to grow every day.

So if you are wondering what the best video game console to buy is, the answer is that there is no correct answer; it will all depend on what you, as a gamer, are looking for and which suits your wishes.

For example, if you are a PC gamer by nature, the Xbox Series X would be one of your best options, considering the number of games that can be adapted to the PC and console.

If you are a big fan of Sony and have always loved their consoles, well, dear gamer, go and fight for your PS5. In addition, we must not forget that its hardware and software improvements make it a durable console.

Now, Nintendo Switch will always be an excellent option for those gamers who love to take their games wherever they want to go. Also, for those who have always enjoyed the titles that Nintendo has to offer.

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