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Starfield Video Game Direct Showcase Unveils Exciting News

  June 13, 2023

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The Starfield video game Direct was an incredible event that brought us great surprises. Bethesda Game Studios dedicated an entire hour to showcasing their new RPG, Starfield. According to all details shown, it could be the most fantastic upcoming game for Xbox Series S/X thus far.

The excitement remains after watching the new trailer and the explanation of Todd Howard and his crew. It captured the essence of space exploration, first-person combat, and a sci-fi narrative filled with intrigue.

Although Starfield news takes center stage, there were exciting announcements from the Xbox team. There has never been a better time to be part of the Xbox ecosystem!

The Starfield video game Collector’s Edition

We looked at the official Starfield Collector’s Edition during the Direct. The Starfield Constellation Edition has the Constellation Explorer’s Watch, a Patch, and a Steelbook display case. The watch was faithfully recreated to match its in-game appearance. It is functional and capable of connecting to your phone.

It comes with a protective case inspired by the cases carried by astronauts during the Apollo era. It’s beautiful, and it stays true to the game’s lore!

Starfield-themed Xbox Controller and Headset: Get Ready for the Next Adventure!

Bethesda has also unveiled some exciting new accessories for Xbox consoles. The brand-new Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller is priced at $166.99. It has the retrofuturist aesthetic of the game, or as Bethesda says, it has a “NASA punk” look. One standout feature is the inclusion of translucent analog triggers.

And there’s more! We will have the refreshed design of the Xbox Wireless Headset. Like the Starfield controller, this headset has details inspired by the game. So, you can now pre-order it on the Microsoft Store for $124.99.

The new Carbon Black Xbox Series S: Enhanced Performance and 1TB Storage

Microsoft has announced a new black version of the Xbox Series S. It features 1TB of built-in storage. This new version will surely captivate gamers used to playing graphically demanding games.

All gamers know that the 512GB white Xbox Series S storage is a bit limiting. So, if you want more space, the Carbon Black Xbox Series S is available for $349, with pre-orders starting this week.

When is the Starfield release date?

Starfield initial release date was scheduled for November 2022. But Bethesda announced a delay in March 2023, pushing the Starfield release to September 6th, 2023. So, we will soon be able to live an experience out of this world.

Are You Ready to Embark on the Ultimate Sci-Fi Adventure?

In conclusion, the announcement of Starfield-themed accessories has ignited excitement among gamers. Additionally, the introduction of the new Carbon Black Xbox Series S with expanded storage enhances the gaming experience for Xbox enthusiasts.

While the price tags may be higher than their standard counterparts, the attention to detail and customization options make these accessories a worthwhile investment for devoted fans.

While you wait for Starfield, here are some similar games you can play to get in the mood. Get ready to embark on a new journey, and follow us on all social media networks to be up-to-date with more gaming news.

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