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Who are the biggest esports stars from the USA?

  August 8, 2021

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The world of esports moves a lot of passions and, of course, money. There are many fans who are passionate about esports tournaments, but others dream of becoming one of the top esports stars players in the USA.

What does it take to be one of the best esport stars?

If you love games so much that you have come to think of becoming one of the most recognized esports stars, you should take into account certain factors before taking your first steps in this area:

1- Choose your game

There are many games to choose from within the world of esports. For example, you could dedicate yourself to compete in Fortnite, CS: GO or become a League of Legends esports player. The important thing is that you select a game where you can stand out and feel comfortable playing.

After all, you will spend many hours perfecting your technique. If you do it with a game that you do not like, this could quickly turn into torture, affecting your performance.

2- Join a community

Although your success as an esports player will largely depend on your individual performance, an important part will be represented by the community surrounding the games you have selected.

By sharing with other players, you will not only be able to learn more about the mechanics and tricks of the game, but you will also be able to feel part of something bigger than yourself.

Not forgetting that by interacting in a group, you will be able to stay up-to-date regarding the natural evolution of the game and be motivated enough to continue getting involved in the long term.

3- Get the right equipment

To become a great esports player, you need motivation, talent, and the right equipment. The first thing you will need is to have a good mechanical keyboard and a gaming mouse. These teams come in different sizes, with other characteristics and configurations. You should choose those best suit your taste and needs.

After selecting the appropriate peripherals that are not adversely affecting gameplay and are accurate, you should practice with them consistently. An excellent idea is to buy the equipment used in the championships. This will allow you to be familiar with them when competing professionally and make you feel more confident in your abilities.

Top 5 most important esports stars from the USA

Knowing the stories of esports stars and professionals can be very inspiring, as their testimonials are incredible and genuinely motivating. So whether you are a fan of esports or want to get started in this world, these stories are for you:

1- Bugha

Bugha’s real name is Kyle Giersdorf. He is recognized in the world for being the best Fortnite player in the United States. This esport player managed to earn more than $ 3 million when he came in first place at the Fortnite World Cup in 2019.

This young man from Pennsylvania fell in love with Fortnite at an early age. father introduced him to it because he played it too. He was on a team called No Clout; however, in March 2019, he decided to sign a contract to be part of the Sentinels.

Giersdorf currently has his own mask in the game, awarded by Epic Games in mid-2021.

2- UNiVeRsE

Saahil Arora, 31 years old, professionally called UNiVeRsE, was an important Dota 2 player who retired in April 2020. Since 2011, Saahil was present in each of the tournaments and competitions that were held in the Dota 2 game. However, it was not until 2013 that his potential was recognized because, without him, the Dignitas team, to which he belonged at that time, would not have been able to be among the top 10.

In 2014 UNiVeRsE and his team had become favorites to win The International 2014 competition. They came in 3rd place, but Saahil was named the best player offlaner in the world.

He is currently estimated to have total earnings of $ 3.058 million.

3- C6

C6 is the professional name of the American Ian Porter. He has earned the label of the Call Of Duty player with the most wins in the world because he has won 37 times in the most memorable tournaments of the video game.

His career in his competitions began in 2008. However, in 2013 Ian was recognized as the first player, at a professional level, of Call Of Duty and Halo.

At 28 years of age, he is very well positioned among the most important esport players. He has generated an income of 353 thousand dollars.

4- Stewie2k

This 23-year-old, named Jacky Yip, has made a very relevant name in the world of esports stars. He has stood out as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional, along with his team “Team Liquid.”

At 17, he began to participate in tournaments, gaining the public’s attention and different teams. He joined Cloud9 in 2016, where for two years, they achieved first place in several major tournaments.

By 2019, Stewie2k would have received more than $1 million in total with all the wins from each tournament.

5- SonicFox

SonicFox’s real name is Dominique McLean, a 24-year-old recognized by one of America’s greatest Mortal Kombat X professionals. He has an impressive ability to dominate each of the game’s characters at an unsurpassed level, which is why he has managed to win several tournaments, among which the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) stands out.

In the fighting category, SonicFox is the player who has generated the most profits throughout his career. He has managed to collect more than 250 thousand dollars, and he is also one of the best paid in the industry, which helped him become one of the biggest esports stars.

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