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Reach the next level with these gaming room decoration ideas!

  July 12, 2021

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Although a true gamer knows that what matters is enjoying a good game of his favorite video game, the experience can become unsurpassed when creating your own space dedicated to gaming.

Many ideas appear every day to create the perfect gaming room, and that is why we bring you the top 5 areas to consider in gaming room decoration, whether it is to enjoy a match with your friends or do gaming streaming.

1- The Wall color: A basic and huge decision

Depending on the type of games you prefer, selecting the color of the walls is the starting point when creating a modern gaming room. Light colors are usually chosen because they reflect the lighting better, especially if led-light strips are used.

However, if you are not going to opt for a lighting system, the colors on the walls are essential, and the criteria that must be taken into account when selecting them are the following:

  • The type of decoration used.
  • The furniture.
  • Your favorite games.
  • Accessories for gaming.

For your gaming room decoration, you could even not only paint the walls in a single color, but you could also make a mural related to video games, such as a scene or your favorite characters. For example, when painting a wall with sky blue, you could draw the Super Mario Bros scene or even use stickers or posters to achieve this effect.

In any case, paying attention to your walls is the first step in making your gaming room the best place in your home.

2- The furniture: go beyond the standards

Although the furniture within a gaming room must be functional, this does not mean that it should be lifeless pieces of decoration. The furniture is a central part of the rooms focused on gaming, and therefore you should pay special attention to it since they will allow you to enjoy cool room designs for gamers.

First of all, the sofas or chairs must be comfortable and ergonomic. There are many models of gaming chairs available in different colors, designs, and characteristics. This is important not only for a visual aspect but because by spending many hours playing sitting on an ergonomic chair; you can avoid suffering from any type of injury or pain, especially in the back or legs. A low-budget alternative are the bean bags.

As for the bases for the console, television or games, you can buy furniture specially designed for this type of room. It is also an excellent idea to get custom-made furniture for the gaming room.

This will help visually because they will have the desired shapes and colors, but they will also be adapted to the room’s dimensions.

In the case of PC Gamers, a suitable desk that is wide enough to place the gaming setup; for example, one or more monitors, the CPU, the sound system, the keyboard, the mouse, and others. It should also be the ideal height to be comfortable and ergonomic.

3- The lighting system: a game changer

If you’ve been following your favorite streamers, you’ve surely noticed a common feature: the color-lit gaming streaming background. This is not random; having a room dedicated to gaming, which can be illuminated in a wide variety of colors, is visually stunning in detail and functional.

On the one hand, depending on the color used in the lighting, you can reduce the visual fatigue generated by spending a lot of time in front of a screen. It can also help improve mood and relax during games.

On the other hand, the room and the furniture will stand out a lot without this, meaning investing a large amount of money. Led strip lights are the most popular option. They are easy to install and configure, and they are even very versatile since their colors can be controlled using a remote control.

It is recommended to apply these lights on the back of screens, furniture, or in the corners of the walls, and light color painting since they help the colored light spread much more.

4- The decoration: the top cherry of the gaming room

gaming room decoration

You already have the walls painted the perfect color, the selected furniture, and the lighting. Now it is time for the video game room decor. This section includes all those items that do not fulfill any specific functionality but will make your gaming room a unique and special place.

You can use statues, miniatures, Funko-Pops, props related to your favorite video games, and even posters, Wall-mounts (such as swords, shields, masks, gauntlets, or others), and much more. For example, if the theme of your gaming room will be focused on Star Wars, you could place some laser swords on the walls.

gaming room decoration

You can even place shelves with your collection of video game miniatures, retro consoles, or others. Here you set the limits since everything is valid according to what you want to achieve.

5- The setup: choose your weapons

gaming room decoration

This is the heart of gaming room design. Without a good gaming setup, you won’t be able to play your favorite games. These accessories can significantly enhance your experience and help you live unforgettable moments.

Among the points that you should consider when configuring your setup gamer, the following stand out:

  • Keyboard and mouse gamer for the PC.
  • Headphones with microphone.
  • Surround sound system with gaming speakers.
  • 4K resolution television.
  • Two or more gaming monitors.
  • VR Headset.
  • The base for controllers.
  • Big Gaming Mousepad.
gaming room decoration

You should choose those accessories that help you improve your experience and performance in games. The idea of these is that you can enjoy a completely immersive experience that allows you to enjoy immersive games.

Immersive experiences and unlimited fun with your new gaming room decoration!

gaming room decoration

By taking these five key points into account when designing your gaming room, you will not leave anything to chance. You will be able to enjoy a perfect space for yourself. Besides, you will also impress your friends when it comes to enjoying video games in a group.

In any case, remember that you can get benefits when buying everything you need to decorate your room for video games with a video game credit card like the Ugami Card. This is a credit card specially designed for gamers, which offers you a lot of great rewards.

These rewards will help you increase your fun and improve your experiences even more. Each time you use this card, you will be able to accumulate Ugipoints, which you will have the opportunity to exchange for gaming accessories and even items that will help you with the decoration of your gaming room.

You just have to download the ugami App to be one of the first to receive the Ugami Card, and so you can soon start enjoying many advantages while creating the perfect gaming room for you.

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