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Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Review

  December 19, 2023

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A new Call of Duty Game was released this year, and with it, a new story campaign. For this reason, we are here to tell you everything about it in this Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Review. As usual, we won’t give you spoilers, so you can relax and read it all confidently!

While the latest Call of Duty campaign might not have left us entirely impressed, there’s a bright side that brings hope for an engaging gaming experience.

So, join us as we delve into our thoughts on the game’s campaign and explore why the multiplayer aspect shines slightly more. We will be offering a glimpse of what deserves attention.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Campaign Review

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Review

Call of Duty has occasionally touched upon significant themes, with instances like 2007’s Modern Warfare and its sequels exploring darker aspects within governmental structures. Similarly, the 2019 edition made an effort to comment on the use of chemical weapons. However, the current installment lacks a clear focus in its narrative. 

I will be very honest with you! I’ve never been this let down by a Call of Duty Campaign. However, it didn’t disappoint me as much as I initially anticipated.

While the primary aim of these campaigns is entertainment, this latest Call of Duty falls short in that aspect. Moreover, it’s frustrating that its approach towards sensitive topics like terrorism and information warfare doesn’t delve more profoundly to offer a meaningful examination.

In CoD MW3, there were missions with tremendous potential that, unfortunately, didn’t fully materialize. I felt genuinely excited at specific points, but then the subsequent mission seemed to nullify the prior actions. It left me wondering about its purpose and why it was included if it would be disregarded so hastily.

The Mobility of the game is just a copy-paste from Modern Warfare II. Also, the overall campaign just feels like a very short DLC. Sometimes, you feel like you are playing a tutorial instead of an actual campaign with a story. I completed the campaign in less than 3 hours. So, this game would have possibly made more sense as a DLC instead of a standalone full-fledged video game.

It has 14 missions, which are full of visually impressive cutscenes. Undoubtedly, the game can be visually attractive, but that’s the only positive thing I can say about the campaign.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Multiplayer Review

If you are a huge fan of the Call of Duty franchise, focus on the multiplayer mode.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III brings exciting new things like a zombie mode, new weapons, challenges, and other exciting aspects.

And yes, the game features some impressive maps (although most are remakes). On day one, you get access to a collection of 16 classic maps and four large-scale maps, which is a significant improvement compared to previous CoD releases. But it needs more originality.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, it feels like another Call of Duty experience. The movement feels fluid enough, and matches can be super fast-paced, which is a good characteristic of Call of Duty titles.

The new weapons are versatile and good-looking, but the attachments and customization system are the same as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Of course, everyone expected that, but for $70 I did expect to see a brand-new game, not a DLC experience.

Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass

The new season comes with a new battle pass as well, and this is the first battle pass in the Modern Warfare 3 2023 era.

With over 100 rewards up for grabs as you progress through the battle pass map sectors, players can navigate their preferred path by moving through adjacent sectors as they complete them. Even without purchasing the battle pass, players can unlock some free-tier rewards while progressing. All earned items will carry over to Call of Duty Modern Warfare III and Warzone, maximizing the utility of your hard-earned rewards.

Furthermore, a new Warzone Map was released with the latest Call of Duty Season, and it’s fun to play it. If you want to learn how to navigate this new map, we suggest you drop into the zombies game mode because it’s the same map as Warzone. Since you don’t have to compete against other players for your life, you can learn the landscape more quickly. 

Matchmaking Issues in the CoD MW3 Game

Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) aims to pair gamers with lobbies containing similarly skilled opponents. So, if you are good, you will play against decent and experienced people.

However, numerous Call of Duty enthusiasts are concerned that SBMM is applied in both the game’s Ranked and Casual playlists. In contrast, some argue it should solely be employed for ranked matches.

Many players say that the system hinders solo players from finding enjoyable matches and complicates the quest for good games when queuing with friends of varying skill levels. This led to discussions on platforms like X/Twitter each time a new Call of Duty title was released.

Do you want to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare III for free?

It’s been a journey through various aspects of the game. The campaign might not have lived up to the high expectations, but the multiplayer mode presents an entirely different realm.

So, if you are an ardent fan eagerly following the Call of Duty timeline or maybe someone seeking an engaging multiplayer experience, it is up to you if you want to buy CoD MW3. However, we recommend you try it firsthand before making your purchase!

Getting Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 free from December 14 to December 18 on Xbox consoles, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC is possible. Then, you can dive into the action without any cost!

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments what do you like or dislike the most about CoD MW3!

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