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Beyond Nostalgia: A Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

  November 17, 2023

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The time has finally come to test a new Resident Evil Game. Although it is a Remake, it is the remake of arguably the best Resident Evil game that was ever released until this day.

As the gaming world buzzes with anticipation for the Game Awards 2023, one title stands tall as a nominee for Game of the Year—Resident Evil 4 Remake. A timeless classic reimagined. This nominee brings forth an unparalleled gaming experience, enticing players into a world where strategic decisions and thrilling challenges define the narrative. 

Dive into our detailed Resident Evil 4 Remake review to see if it lives up to the hype.

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A Walk Down Nostalgia Lane in this Resident Evil 4 Remake review

As a kid, I played Resident Evil 4 a lot. I knew every dialogue, unlocked every secret, and became a fan of the series playing this particular game. So my expectations and hopes were very high when the Resident Evil 4 Remake was announced, and Oh Boy… it didn’t disappoint.

Let’s Begin with the Resident Evil 4 Remake Review: So you start seeing a little bit more of Leon and how he lived after the big trauma of Raccoon City. He went to harsh missions and trained until his bones were broken so he could be prepared to save everyone and never lose anyone else dear to him again.

RE4 Remake explores more about Leon and his feelings, which I think is super cool since, in the original game, we don’t get to see much on this matter. After this, everything goes just as the original. The cops escorting Leon get kidnapped by the Ganado, and Leon starts his journey to save the President’s daughter, Ashley Graham.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Review: Visual Marvels and Gameplay Revolution

The visual comparison between the Original and the Remake is just astonishing. You can see how much gaming has improved over the years, and the atmosphere this game sets on the player is suspenseful and terrifying at the same time.

I’ve played almost every single Resident Evil game. As a fan of the series, I can say the Resident Evil 4 Remake gameplay is a huge improvement from the Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes. The combat gameplay is awesome! It allows you to put more weapons in the arrow slots to select them when you need them in a pinch or just don’t have enough time to reload when you are getting pinned by Ganado.

Stealth Mode and Combat Enhancements

The stealth mode allows you to kill your enemies instantly without wasting bullets. you will need to save these bullets, especially for the boss fights. With the incorporation of the parrying mechanic, the game feels much smoother in terms of combat. This gives you a reason to upgrade your knife (you will use it a lot in this game).

Upgrades and the Merchant

Speaking of upgrades, some of our favorite guns are back and have lots and lots of upgrades too. If you want them, you will need to hunt for treasures and Pesetas by killing Ganado enemies and breaking boxes. You can negotiate with our favorite character in the game with these treasures: The Merchant, the iconic gun dealer, is back!

And even though the voice actor is different from the original Resident Evil 4 game, this one does the job just as fine. The iconic case is back, too, but this time, you can customize it more with charms and different themes you can earn by playing the game, which is awesome!

Boss Fights Reimagined

We can’t get this Resident Evil 4 Remake review done without talking about how the Boss Fights feel a lot different from the original one. Still, even though they have different mechanics, cutscenes, and dialogues, they managed to keep the nostalgia in every single one of them.

This is a huge win for Capcom since I didn’t want to experience the same thing with a major graphics update as a massive fan of the series. Still, I also didn’t want them to change what made Resident Evil 4 a masterpiece neither, and they definitely nailed it.

The Jack Krauser Boss Fight, in particular, is a lot different from the original one but is even better! And you get to see more about Krauser’s past and why he chose to go bad in the end.

The interaction between Krauser and Leon is a lot more profound. Besides being close friends in the past, Krauser is Leon’s former teacher and trained him to be the super agent he is today. You will feel it is a fight to surpass your former master, which, in the end, Leon successfully does.

Enhanced Leon-Ashley Dynamic

The interaction between Leon and Ashely is way better than in the original. We were surprised during the making of this Resident Evil 4 Remake review. You can’t just hide her in a spot, kill everybody, and continue with your adventure. Now you have to order her to stay close to you or to run away when enemies surround you.

This makes RE4 Remake harder! Now you have to keep an eye on Ashley at all times since the enemies will try to pin you down and kidnap her while you are trying to kill them. this will force you to use your grenades and more potent weapons to get past the hordes of enemies and save Ashley.

Resource Scarcity and Survival Tactics

All these changes will leave you with fewer bullets to go through the mini-boss fights. Or, in the worst-case scenario, you will run out of bullets facing a boss in hard mode and get destroyed multiple times.

With this in mind, you will have to actively hunt for resources to make bullets and think twice before spending them. While you can, try to use stealth and kill enemies with your knife from behind.

Treasure Hunt for Pesetas

Hunt for treasures, too! you will need Pesetas to buy more guns and upgrades in order to make your life easier as you progress through the game. You can also buy treasure maps from the merchant, so you don’t miss any treasures in your area.

Some treasures require the help of Ashley to get to them, so keep that in mind when you’re starting the game. For example, in the first town at the beginning of the game, you can’t reach a treasure hidden inside a house because you haven’t met Ashley yet, but don’t worry about it.

You can return to the town after meeting Ashley and collect your reward. Keys are important too! since you can’t access some areas of the game with hidden treasures in them because you don’t have the right key for it. Missing them as you progress through the game can be very easy, so keep this in mind.

Endless Replay Value

It is rare when a game captures you so much that you want to play it over and over again, and I’m doing precisely that. Hopefully, I can get every achievement in the game since they are a little bit hard. Especially the ones that ask you to complete the game in hard mode with an S+, but I’ll definitely try my best because I can’t get enough of this game.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Review: A Masterpiece Unveiled

To say that making this Resident Evil 4 Remake review was more than a nostalgic trip; it was a masterpiece, just like the original, is an understatement. The atmosphere, the gameplay, the sound, the visual graphics, the story, everything is just… Perfection

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