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Ugami’s Starfield Review: is it worth it?

  October 10, 2023

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A new space adventure has begun! Bethesda released his new title, Starfield, and the gaming community was super hyped about it. And here we are with a Starfield review to answer the most important question: is it worth it?

Join us on a journey to discover the mysteries of our galaxy and, of course, to know if Starfield really lived up to our expectations.

Don’t worry! We won’t give any spoilers of the main story in this review. We are committed to preserving the excitement and discovery that every player should experience when embarking on a new gaming adventure.

Each player’s journey through Starfield should be filled with the thrill of uncovering its mysteries firsthand, free from any preconceived notions or story reveals. So keep reading!

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A Visual Masterpiece: The Stunning Graphics of Starfield

Starfield review

Let’s begin with the graphics and visuals of the game because they are astonishing. Bethesda delivered a unique and beautiful ambiance to this game. You can spend hours navigating and visiting different planets just to see the diverse ecosystems of each one of them. Undoubtedly, Bethesda really outdid itself in this part. The game is just gorgeous!

Exploring the Galaxy: Interactions with NPCs and Crewmates

The interactions with other NPCs are fantastic, though you can recruit a considerable amount of people to work alongside you in your quest to uncover the mysteries of the galaxy or fight against Space Pirates. Besides, depending on your taste for adventure, you can develop relationships with certain crewmates. So, you can even get married to your favorite character.

The Learning Curve: Lack of Guidance in Starfield

Let’s talk about the Starfield gameplay, which is not so great. The aiming mechanics are just as in any other shooter game, depending on which gun you are planning to use, but the navigation of your spaceship feels very poor.

So, you can forget to upgrade the abilities via leveling up and tons of other interactions in the game because the game simply does not explain to you how and what to do.

Basically, after the game’s slow start is done “explaining” your role in the galaxy, you are basically on your own. I found myself looking online at how to do a lot of stuff in the game, which shouldn’t happen in a well-designed video game.

The learning curve can be steep, and players may find themselves searching on YouTube some tutorial videos for answers, which could be better for an immersive gaming experience.

The Frustrating World of Fast Travel

The map of Starfield and fast travel are very frustrating to trigger. When you are in space, you have to open a menu to open another menu to select the mission you want to track. Then, you can choose to fast travel to your desired location to decide where you want to land your spaceship. After a lot of hours into the game, this becomes very annoying.

This can become increasingly frustrating as you progress through the game.

Resource Management: Tips for Survival in Starfield

In addition to the Starfield review, we would like to give you some tips for this video game.

If you want to upgrade your ship and never run out of med packs and bullets, we suggest you loot a lot of chemicals, minerals, and all sorts of stuff you encounter in the labs of the game. Trust me, you will need them. 

Furthermore, always keep an eye out for the weapons your enemies drop. You can find different firearms when you loot them; sometimes, you can be very lucky and get a rare weapon from them. Some weapons will do more damage, and more damage means more fun!

Be careful of your stamina, though. If you carry more weight than you can handle, your character will start to run slower and consume a lot of oxygen, even when walking.

It can be very annoying when you are engaged in a fight with enemies, and you lose a lot of oxygen. When this happens, you will start losing health. So be always mindful of this and use your level-up points to improve how much weight you can carry to loot and take more items with you.

Starfield Review: The Final Verdict

Starfield takes players on a grand journey through the mysteries of the galaxy. However, while it has its moments of brilliance, it needs to catch up in some key areas. According to our Starfield review, in short, it’s worth playing, but you need to consider the following:

  • The game could be faster in general. Although the missions are long and you have a lot of stuff to do, which is a good thing, some of them feel repetitive.
  • Interactions with NPCs and the ability to recruit and develop relationships with crewmates add depth to the gameplay.
  • The graphics and visuals are undeniably stunning, showcasing the diverse ecosystems of different planets. To sum up, Bethesda has excelled in this aspect, creating a visually captivating gaming environment.

In conclusion, it was very difficult to give a score to this game because it has many amazing things, but other aspects could be better. While it boasts remarkable visuals and intriguing NPC interactions, it falls short in terms of gameplay mechanics and navigation. That’s the reason why Starfield reviews are so different from each other.

Controversy in the Cosmos: Why the Starfield Reviews Differ

Starfield review

Starfield is a game with strengths and weaknesses, but the final rating depends on the gamer. For some, Starfield might be considered the best game of the year. Meanwhile, some players want more in terms of a consistently enjoyable experience.

While some players may have high expectations, it’s a testament to the industry’s potential for innovation. In the case of Starfield, its initial hours might require a bit of patience, but they set the stage for an even more rewarding and enjoyable gaming experience as you delve deeper into the adventure.
I think that’s why there are so many mixed Starfield reviews because it starts so slow that some people won’t have the patience to continue the journey, especially the youngest audience.

But it’s a reminder that great things often take time to unfold fully, making the journey all the more worthwhile.

Therefore, that means you will only know if it is a good or a bad game if you play it. The mixed reviews for Starfield have sparked a wide range of opinions and debates in the gaming community. Instead of relying solely on reviews, we invite you to embark on your space adventure and form your own judgment.

Remember, gaming preferences are highly subjective, and what one person may find challenging, another might thoroughly enjoy. So, don’t let mixed reviews deter you. Dive in, create your own story, and decide if Starfield is the space epic you’ve been waiting for.

Actually, we would like to know your thoughts on this video game.

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