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The best horror video games that will make you scream

  October 8, 2021

Welcome to the spooky season! This is honestly one of our favorite celebrations. With Halloween, many discover that screaming in fright can be a lot of fun, and the gaming industry knows this very well, which is why there are a lot of horror video games.

There are hidden gems within that immense catalog, so we have decided to compile a complete list of the best horror video games you can play this month on your own, if you are brave enough to do it so, of course.


Nothing beats the adrenaline rush that you feel in those moments where your life is in danger or at least that of your character. If you are one of those who enjoy games of video games alone, these are the games that you cannot miss.

1- Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

We know that the entire Resident Evil saga is designed to keep you on the edge of your seat in one way or another. But this installment, in particular, takes everything one step further. In the first place, it highlights that it is a first-person game, which is a rarity within the saga, but in addition to this, you can play it in VR, which makes everything much more intense and terrifying.

Resident Evil 7, or Resident Evil Biohazard, masterfully handles all the setting and terror and can show you an entirely new world. Of course, this video game does not lose the essence of what makes Resident Evil a must for those who love to fight against zombies and is one of the best horror video games of 2021.

2- Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a household name among fans of horror video games. This is a terrific psychological horror-thriller created by Remedy Entertainment. During the game, we will take control of Alan, who is searching for the truth regarding the disappearance of his wife, Alice, and the mystery that surrounds him.

The atmosphere of this game will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. The gameplay is one of its best sections and its visual appearance has aged quite well. As additional information, the Game “Control” by Remedy Entertainment takes place within the same universe as Alan Wake and even includes a DLC that connects both games.

3- Layers of Fear

This indie horror game quickly became a hit, as it rapidly drives gamers to the brink of nerves due to the main character’s psychological state. In this game, you will meet a painter inside a Victorian mansion and who adds new layers of paint to his masterpiece at the end of each new chapter.

Layer of Fear takes place in the first person, allowing you to directly experience the painter’s disturbing hallucinations related to his past. The environment constantly changes as the game progresses, with doors that appear, walls that melt, and portraits that change unexpectedly. With this video game, a masterpiece within the horror genre, you will have more than one scare guaranteed.

4- Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterfly (Fatal Frame)

This game belongs to the Fatal Frame saga, and although it is not that popular in the United States, it is one of the most terrifying Japanese horror video games. Each of the installments of this saga can scare you a lot and even be traumatized. Its elements of psychological terror are a masterpiece.

In this game, you will have to face spirits armed with a special camera, and you will have to do them at the right moment before they manage to catch you. The problem is that the game’s atmosphere will keep your nerves on edge, so the tranquility will not be in your favor.

As an additional note, the installment of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water will soon be available for the new generation of consoles and even for PC, in honor of the 20 years of this saga.

5- Silent Hill 2

It’s impossible to talk about horror-related video games without talking about Silent Hill. This saga created by Konami taught us what a game that would terrify and fascinate us in equal parts should be.

Although all the installments of this saga have their mistakes and successes, almost everyone can agree that Silent Hill 2 is a masterpiece in every way. Its history is intriguing, its environments are exquisitely designed, and its scares are well managed and varied.

On the one hand, it has the standard scares at the time of the appearance of the fearsome enemies, the fairly low inventory, and the dense and constant fog of the game. But, on the other hand, there is the psychological fear that makes you doubt your mental stability and the reality of what is happening in the game. Without a doubt, this game is a must if you want to celebrate Halloween properly.

6- Until Dawn

This is one of the best horror video games on ps4. Until Dawn is an interactive horror survival game; in this game, eight friends are going to spend their winter vacations in a cabin in a remote area of the city known as Blackwood Pines.

Once they settle in and get comfortable in the place, strange events that terrify them and put them at risk begin to occur. This will cause them to make all kinds of difficult decisions in order to survive until dawn and get out of this vacation of terror alive.

7- Outlast 2

In the first installment of Outlast, there were many who could not complete the game due to the high level of stress and fear that it was capable of generating. But for the second installment, all of this is much more intense.

In Outlast 2, we will control a videographer who enjoys getting to the bottom of all stories, no matter how risky it is. In one of his jobs, he decides to investigate some evidence related to the murder of a pregnant woman, which involves traveling to Arizona.

It may all seem like regular journalistic work, but we will end up in Temple Gate, a town far from all civilization, where strange events quickly turn into a nightmare. Here recording videos, running, and hiding will be the safest way to survive.


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