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Resident Evil Village for PS5: Everything you need to know

  January 11, 2022

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If you love any terror games, you have likely enjoyed Resident Evil video games, both the classic cut, most fast-action cuts such as those who have opted for action due to Resident Evil 4, or the first-person camera, such as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

This is why, if you enjoy these titles, we bring you the full review of Resident Evil Village, the direct sequel to Biohazard available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Warning, if you don’t want Resident Evil Village spoilers, we recommend that you stop reading this article and go on to read this other one about the best horror games.

A very well-created story

Resident Evil Village

As Resident Evil Village, a direct sequel to Biohazard, it is very important to know the story of Ethan Winters and his most recent adventure. This is why the game offers us the option to see from the beginning a summary of what happened in Louisiana, giving this title a bonus just beginning.

However, it is crucial to recognize that this eighth installment brings us an adventure that provides other connections with previous chapters. I am not speaking only because of the presence of Chris Redfield, and how we discover what the hell is wrong with him: we will find all those answers at the end, as well as the prologue that leaves us with many doubts and lightly explains what the plot is based on.

Important references that you should know

Resident Evil Village has many components from chapters 4 and 7, and this is very clear from the beginning, although realistically, Capcom mentioned it from the first moment. Without going any further, the Duke, that merchant to whom we will go on several occasions, is a friend of the mysterious merchant who helped Leon S. Kennedy in Spain. 

The enemies are more intelligent than the old-times zombie, without forgetting, of course, a similar approach to Ethan’s previous adventure.

But this does not mean that we have been stuck in Biohazard since, this time, the map offers an entirely different challenge. We will have a starting point from a village, on which the other regions ruled by the four hierarchs of mother Miranda unfold. 

We knew that Lady Dimitrescu was not the main villain, but certainly, her weight in the story is less significant than we believe with the game’s launch. In fact, it leaves much to be desired compared to what was suffered by renowned figures such as Tyrant or Nemesis, whose presence was a cause for panic, especially when they could surprise us by breaking a wall that, in theory, should not collapse. 

Lady Dimitrescu has a couple of situations that will leave us paralyzed, in a good way, but without the global impact and continuity that the aforementioned biological weapons have had, which is a bit disappointing.

Memorable moments of Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Although there is a bitter taste left with Lady Dimitrescu and her little weight in history, like her daughters, it does not mean that there are no extraordinary moments to enjoy. Resident Evil Village has nothing to envy the impact that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard had in 2017.

Capcom has carefully studied the master formula so that these titles are always liked and talked about. Although the wide variety of puzzles with serious difficulty is slightly missed, the action moments make completing the adventure a walk compared to previous Redfield and co chapters.

Is Resident Evil Village scary? Yes, in fact, we will have to face a different challenge in each region, so always be alert. Interest will never wane; in addition, we can start hunting certain animals to cook them with the help of the Duke and obtain passive health improvements and resistance to blockades.

The map offers many details, not only to not get lost, but also to know where to use a key, which areas we still have to visit and from which we can extract an object, or directly if we have “cleaned” a room.

All enemies will drop something when they die, be it money or materials, which in the long run is an extra motivation to eradicate all the monsters that come our way, scrutinizing each one of the corners of the stage in search of the best rewards. There is a lot to do and some special chests with exciting prizes in that sense. But also a series of more giant monsters that will surprise us more than once.

Factual Recommendation: Will I Really Like It?

Resident Evil Village

In short, this game is another great horror story video game in the franchise, mainly due to its new environment’s wide variety of situations. There are surprises, moments of significant impact, and a good cocktail.

If you liked Ethan’s first adventure without fear of being wrong, we would tell you that you will enjoy it in the sequel to Resident Evil VII. Because, after all, it is played from the first-person perspective. And if you are concerned about the presence of lycanthropes, you should know that it is just one of the types of enemies there will be. But of course, they add a lot of juice.

It is an important story to fill in specific gaps that are still to be told as far as Resident Evil is concerned, drawing a more exciting future.

In Resident Evil Village, a good battle with zombies will never be enough

If you asked me how scary Resident Evil Village is, I’d compare it to when you open a door, paying attention to the sound of its sloppy hinges as you pray to find some peace in the next room.

Today, this title is more significant than those we fell in love with within the nineties. It is a pop phenomenon, a transmedia product with great commercial interest, and one of the most potent brands linked to the terror. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that the team led by Morimasa Sato and Tsuyoshi Kanda has dared to go a step further by exploring environments of horror in Resident Evil Village, hitherto unpublished in the franchise.

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