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The top 10 Best Nintendo Switch games of 2021

  December 30, 2021

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In this last year, we have not been able to stop playing, since 2021 has been full of notable titles and even some games with brilliant ideas of all genres for the Nintendo Switch platform.

Many games from previous years have been positioned as the most played in the last 12 months. That is why we present the ten Best Nintendo Switch games of the year according to Nintendo itself, so, believe us, this list is more real than Mario’s mustache.

1- Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny

Number one on our list is Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny, the most played game of 2021, released in the middle of the same year.

Disgaea is a franchise that has exploited each of its elements over the years. Although it is not a renowned franchise, anime fans will recognize it for its distinctive visual style and an animated series that was popular years ago.

With a sixth installment, the Disgaea 6 gameplay returns to Nintendo Switch to please the most hardcore fans of the franchise. Besides, you cannot call yourself a nintendope if you don’t enjoy these graphic adventures.

2- Football Manager 2022 Touch

If you love the Nintendo Switch and Sports Games, Football Manager 2022 Touch is the one that you need in your life. This is the new installment of the football and sports simulation saga for Switch, allowing us to become our dream team’s technical director.

This game brings us new progressive ways to find the advantage to win, establish your soccer style, and take glory for your club. The most memorable moments are climbing to the top of the chart table to surprise the whole world or rising up from an impossible competition. You create the destiny of your club: your luck will be theirs.

In addition, this is the perfect game for you to warm up your engines before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

3- Garden Paws

If you like Nintendo Switch games similar to Animal Crossing, you will love Garden Paws. This title is an indie game where a small shop and an agricultural adventure are combined. We will be able to farm, fish, mine, and even explore dungeons, all this traveling through a world where all the inhabitants are animals.

Garden Paws is a game that achieves what you are looking for, creates a peaceful world where the player can live a little adventure and provides us with different tools to make it as varied as possible. Although it may be more focused on children due to its simplicity, it is delightful for any fan of farm management games.

4- Grow: Song of the Evertree

Grow: Song of the Evertree is another simulation Switch game that will take us to a magical and picturesque world that thrives on the Evertree. However, the peace will not last forever, as the wilting of the tree will appear with the intention of consuming everything.

The last hope to face this threat is a young alchemist with the determination to push back the withering, reestablish the Song of Myora, and live in harmony with the Eternal Tree. This character is fully customizable in gender, name, appearance, and other details, with complete freedom to combine physique options.

We can explore a beautiful world with a series of actions related to obtaining resources and talking with other characters to achieve some mission that helps us progress or get more rewards.

In addition, there is a mechanic for building a city. Similar to systems seen in other games of the style and even RPG, where we will have many buildings and structures to place on a map and thus design our dream virtual world, even these stores or houses will be customizable in colors, patterns, and ornaments.

5- Diablo II: Resurrected

It’s been 21 years since Diablo II hit our computers. And now Blizzard brings it back with a remastering that seeks to bring the experience to high definition, optimizing the online multiplayer, new cinematics, but with the same essence that made the title so famous.

It is no secret to anyone that Blizzard has failed many times to remaster old games -and to be a good company in general. However, let me tell you that Diablo II: Resurrected for Switch is the Diablo you grew up with and in which you invested many hours of your life, eliminating how many creatures demonic ones stood in front of you.

The most noticeable change is, obviously, the classic section. Forget about playing at 800 x 600 as it was released in 2000. You can now enjoy its remastered graphics up to 4k and run at 60 frames per second.

6- My Time in Portia

My Time At Portia is highly recommended for simulation and adventure lovers. An indie game with a superb artistic level of design and a solid story within a colorful open world.

This is considered one of the best switch simulation games this year, with RPG touches. This game takes place in a huge, varied, and lively open world thanks to its unique and special inhabitants, whom we can meet and even fall in love with.

We will be facing a colorful world, alive but with a very sinister and post-apocalyptic past. We will get to know this past little by little and reveal many secrets. Our story will advance as we progress in our reputation, helping our neighbors, getting to know them, and becoming a fundamental pillar of society.

In My Time in Portia, we will carry out many activities, such as crafting in the mine, hunting animals, taming, fighting, farming, fishing, buying, selling, raising animals, meeting people, dating, and even playing rock paper and scissors. The many actions that we can take will be essential to achieve our objectives, which will range from building a bridge to an undercarriage.

Like a good RPG, our character will level up, and we will earn points that we will invest in social, combat, or gathering talents. In addition, we will be able to equip the weapons that we manufacture.

7- Cupid Parasite

Best Nintendo Switch games

If you are a fan of Otome games on switch, Cupid Parasite will make you fall in love. This game was launched just a month ago and is already part of the 100 most played games in 2021 on the Nintendo Switch console.

The story will take you to embody Cupid herself, who decides to go down to the world of humans to convince her father that mortals do not need divine intervention to fall in love with her. There she joins the Cupid Corporation, a company that entrusts her with a mission: to get five men married, known as the group of the five Parasites, with problems that prevent them from enjoying love.

Cupid Parasite is an excellent game, with charming characters, a beautiful story, some mechanics that provide something fresh, and above all, an exquisite, very colorful, and unique visual section, with a very well-elaborated interface and a design of characters alive and fun. Added to that, the sound section and the dubbing will make you immerse yourself in the story quickly.

8- Trails of Cold Steel IV

Best Nintendo Switch games

Trails of Cold Steel IV is the end of the saga Legends of Heroes. It is a game that combines turn-based attack and positioning and is full of very visual power combat and attack combinations that will help you defeat your enemies.

You will have to complete missions and support yourself from your allies to bring peace to the entire kingdom; you will also have to save a loved one. You will be able to control a group of four active characters and one on the bench, with whom you will be able to attack and cast impressive spells and combinations.

The game complies with a great graphic and performance section; in addition, the soundtrack is excellent, with all kinds of calm and more dynamic melodies to create the necessary atmosphere according to each situation.

9- Rune Factory 4 Special

Best Nintendo Switch games

This game is a spectacular remastering of Rune Factory 4 for Nintendo 3ds, and although it was released in early 2020 for Nintendo Switch, it was one of the most played in 2021.

Rune Factory 4 Special is a saga that mixes genres like farm and danger crowder with incredible dynamism. Adding certain fantastic elements, a bit of role-playing, and a visual novel component, players can immerse themselves in the field of dating simulators, getting married, and having partners in the town or kingdom that they have to run.

Rune Factory 4 Special for Nintendo Switch will allow you to embody a hero or heroine who, after a bumpy airship trip, will need to recover their memory and find their origins while refounding the troubled and downtrodden kingdom of Selphia. VentusWill will sponsor us, a funny dragon with fear of social relationships, and the different advisers and delegates of the kingdom’s government, who will help you to raise the town, have the best harvests, and become a prince or princess committed to the cause.

Soon you will be enjoying planting, walking through the forest full of enemies fighting and finding new elements and secrets with which to improve the kingdom, or looking for a partner to raise the country of Selphia with a company.

10- Civilization VI

Best Nintendo Switch games

The Firaxis Games Civilization series has always been characterized by its complexity, which generally translates into many hours spent in a single game. Usually, companies only present these games on PC platforms; however, in 2016, Civilization VI was launched on the market, which in 2021 has become a total success.

This is one of the best turn-based strategy games on Switch, where we have to grow our empire through the centuries. We will have to explore, investigate, worship, conquer, build, dialogue, trade, or go to space before the rest of the 24 leaders from different world countries.

The game looks perfectly on Nintendo Switch. Whether in portable mode or TV mode, the fluidity is the same. We can comfortably zoom in or out of the camera and move around the map without the slightest unwanted tug.

One of the best parts of Civilization VI is, without a doubt, its sounds. The soundtrack, which accompanies us at all times, is undoubtedly one of the best that have passed through Nintendo Switch. So much so that we will not stop humming when we least realize it, its main theme, Sogno di Volare, by Christopher Tin, author of the soundtracks of previous installments of the saga as Civilization IV, is one of the most remembered and applauded.

It’s never too late to turn on your Switch and start enjoying

This has been a year of great surprises for gamers who love Nintendo. You can always find the game that best suits your tastes, so why not start by testing the Best Nintendo Switch games of 2021?

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