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Top 5 best indie games of 2021 that you should play

  July 20, 2021

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Even if you live under a rock, you have undoubtedly heard some of the most famous video game titles of today, such as Fortnite, CS: GO, Call of Duty, among others. However, there are many games that, despite not being triple-A, you should definitely try, and these video games are the best indie games.

Every day, new indie games appear in different modalities, quality levels, and stories to face the great video game developers. But this is not only focused on PC games but also on other platforms.

A great fan base has been created around independent titles step by step, which is not surprising. Although many of these titles did not have such high budgets for their development, they maintain a very high quality in gameplay and graphics, history, ambiance, and unique characters.

That is why we have decided to create a special list for all Ugamers, with the best indie games of 2021 that you should play as soon as possible.

1- Among Us

Yes, this title is one of the most popular indie games because it became trendy last year during the pandemic. This game is a multiplayer game with straightforward mechanics. Each player is a little astronaut who must complete specific tasks in a spaceship, but at the same time, they must discover who the impostor who will have the task of assassinating them all is.

Players must then vote to find the impostor, while the player designated as the bad guy must try to betray and kill all the other astronauts to be victorious.

Although some friendly ties may be irretrievably broken after a game, it is the ideal option to play with friends. Among Us is cross-platform and can currently be played on Android and iOS mobile devices, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

2- The Witness

This is one of the best indie games that you can play. It is a puzzle-type game where you must solve a great mystery. To do this, you must decipher puzzles after learning the rules behind each one, but not only this, but you must apply these rules in ingenious ways as you progress through the game.

This game is beautiful visually since it is full of stimulation in the spectators’ eyes. However, on a sound level, it is an entirely different situation. The game developer does not have a soundtrack, but this is not an oversight.

This decision is justified not interrupting the perceptual process that the players will experience during the game. In the absence of excessive sound effects and musical layers, it will be possible to concentrate on what is perceived with the gaze.

The puzzles, meanwhile, increase in difficulty as the player enters the game, and it may even take time to solve certain puzzles. However, the player is not alone; the environment is designed to be beautiful and serves to help solve the mysteries.

Currently, it is playable on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, macOS, and iOS.

3- Rocket League

Sports video game fans have two clear main preferences: car racing and soccer. So Psyonix, taking this into account, decided to create a title that would merge both game types to create one of the best indie games on steam: Rocket League.

The success of this soccer game with vehicles was almost instantaneous, and it has even become one of the favorite titles for esports worldwide. This game is multiplayer, where participants are organized into two teams to score as many goals as possible while maneuvering different types of vehicles.

The fact that this game is quite simple to play also significantly contributed to its success, and you will indeed have many hours of fun in the games. Currently, it is possible to find it in Windows and Mac OS X (in Epic Store and Steam), Play Station, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

4- Subnautica: Below Zero

If you like multiplayer survivals in open worlds, you will undoubtedly enjoy Subnautica: Below Zero. This is one of the most recent Xbox indie games, although you can also find it on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Windows and macOS).

This is the continuation of Subnautica, an indie title that surprised everyone with the novelty of its proposal, becoming a direct competitor of Rust. Unlike the original title, this one not only takes us underwater but also introduces us to a highly frozen world.

The difficulty of the exploration is progressive, as the game dynamically adapts to the player’s learning curve. This game exudes creativity and poses different challenges, such as adequately managing hunger, thirst, health, oxygen, and temperature while completing the tasks to be carried out—definitely a gem within the indie games offers.

5- Rain on Your Parade

If you are looking for innocent and hassle-free fun, Rain on Your Parade will be your best option. This title is one of the best switch indie games. In this game, the player will be a somewhat rebellious cloud whose only mission will be to ruin the lives of humans achieved along the way.

As the game progresses, you can unlock new abilities to take everything to the extreme (rain, lightning, snow, tornadoes, and more). Each game will be hilarious for each player, regardless of his age, as this game is suitable for the whole family.

You also can find this game on Xbox and PC. It is undoubtedly the ideal game for those days when you are more stressed or mentally exhausted than ever.

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