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Top 7 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Gamers [2021]

  December 20, 2021

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We are in the most generous and wonderful time of the year, where we focus on finding the perfect gift for our loved ones, or even ourselves; because let’s be honest, we deserve it for having made so many perfect kills in the recent months.

Although for a person who you know is passionate about digital entertainment, the perfect gift would be a gaming console or a gamer PC, it is also true that they may already have a device that allows them to play their favorite Christmas games. That is why we want to be a little more original this year and give you the best gifts ideas for gamers.

Gifts ideas for Gamers: High Range

If you are thinking of a completely extraordinary and out-of-this-world gift for a person who loves video games, we share to you some high-end gift ideas, which, even if the prices are not the most affordable, are a dream for every gamer.

Gaming station

There are times when a gamer deserves a gift worthy of royalty, such as a throne to play his favorite video games as the Shin smart working and gaming desk.

Not only would you give them comfort and style, but great practicality when playing. Thanks to its base with wheels, you can easily place it in any space; it also has a reclining chair with sturdy padded armrests and even a cup holder!

With this gaming station, you will not need to buy more accessories since it has everything they will ever need, including integrated speakers, to obtain a unique experience when playing games.

Television for gamers

If you are looking for a gift for someone passionate about console video games, what better way to surprise them than with a high-resolution television?

The Samsung brand has owned a myriad of impressive TVs. Still, the Samsung QLED 4K 2021 65Q80A is the ideal option for gaming with any console. It packs the best comprehensive, innovative platform, extensive connections, and cutting-edge features that will satisfy any gamer.

It has a bright, bold, and beautiful 4K QLED display, plus the high contrast ratio, makes it an excellent choice for those who like to play in the dark.

Gift Ideas for Gamers: Mid-Range

Not all gifts should be expensive; in most cases, a gift designed specifically for a person carries the intention of making their life easier and happier. With these mid-range gift ideas for gamers, you can make anyone smile.

Gaming chair with back massager

gifts ideas for gamers

Gamers spend many hours of their time sitting while playing their favorite video game, which is why a gaming chair is a gift from the Gods themselves. The perfect ergonomics offered by these chairs manage to keep the back aligned, so pain in this area will no longer be a problem.

Now, what if we combine the ergonomic comfort of a gaming chair with a back massage whenever you want? We would have the perfect Level-Up to achieve the status of a professional gamer.

The FitFirst electronic back massager is adaptable to the chair. With the press of a button, you can circularly feel the massage from the coccyx to the cervical, not to mention that you can adjust the temperature and think for a few minutes that you are in a Spa with a volcanic stone treatment, while you eradicate the enemy team.

Gamer keyboard

gifts ideas for gamers

If you are as agile with the WASD keys as Beethoven was playing his sonatas, you will know that a good mechanical keyboard can make a difference in every game. Now, if you are looking for the best gifts for pc gamers this Christmas, trust me, giving them this will make you their hero for life.

The gamer keyboards are designed to elevate the experience and performance of the player during their games. This means that it has additional and special buttons to facilitate their strategies and withstand the blows of the most euphoric and passionate gamers.

In addition, mechanical keyboards are more responsive when pressing buttons. There will be no more surprise attacks from an opponent because the standard keyboard simply decided not to respond at the least convenient time.

The Corsair‘s K100 RGB mechanical keyboard is considered one of the best around now, as it has all, from a perfect layout of the keys to an unbeatable speed of response and a beautiful design. So, if you want to buy a keyboard worthy of esports, this is undoubtedly the one.

Gift Ideas for Gamers: Low-Range

If your budget is a bit tight, don’t worry; there are also cool Christmas gifts for gamers at lower prices.

Glasses with blue light protection

gifts ideas for gamers

What better gift than giving health at this time of year? This is one of the best things to get gamers for Christmas. It has been proven that blue light from monitors, televisions, and cell phone screens is one of the leading causes of eyes related problems such as myopia and astigmatism. This is quite serious for all gamers because they could not give their best on the battlefield without a hawk’s eye view.

By giving away blue-light protection glasses, you will help them prevent these medical conditions and continue playing without their eyes becoming red and watery within the first 10 minutes of play.

Gaming Mouse pad

gifts ideas for gamers

Let’s be honest: mousepads are not essential for a gamer, but they do ease the game for more than one. The reason is simple: there is nothing more uncomfortable than being about to win the CoD match, and when you go to do the final attack, the pointer slides where you did not want, and you lose the opportunity to make a headshot.

This is why giving a mouse pad as a gift is a lovely gesture, especially if it covers the space of both the keyboard and the mouse, since it will prevent accidental slips and allow more precision when aiming.

The Corsair brand offers the MM300 Mouse Pad model, which is very resistant and can be placed on the entire surface of the desktop, covering the space of the mouse and keyboard, no matter how large it is.

ClawSocks mobile gamers

gifts ideas for gamers

If you want to give a mobile gamer a special gift, or if you are one of them, trust me, finger covers are the best you can buy.

The MGC ClawSocks cases can eliminate the friction of the fingers with the phone screen, avoid the drag delay while trying to shoot your PUBG opponents, and achieve the precision you are looking for. Best of all, you can also use them with Tablets or any device with touch screens.

The perfect gifts ideas for gamers exist

These are just some of the best gaming gifts of 2021; regardless of the size of your budget this year, you can always give a gamer something small that makes them happy, everything counts when giving the best of themselves on the battlefield.

And if you buy these details with a gaming card such as the Ugami Card, you will have the opportunity to obtain Ugipoints as rewards that you can later exchange for amazing gamers items to continue filling your gaming space with the best hardware, software, and others; all worthy of an esports player.

Do not forget to download the Ugami App so that you can be one of the first people to enjoy the Card for Gamers, and also know about all the giveaways that are to come.

Merry Gaming Christmas!

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