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Discover the best Christmas video games that you cannot miss

  December 23, 2021

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Christmas is the time of year when everything is filled with lights, colors, and a uniquely warm and family atmosphere. Besides the cold weather, Christmas means being with friends or family, and enjoying being by their side, but in some cases, the company of Christmas theme video games also counts. 

Top 6 Christmas video games

Why not enjoy a good title on these special dates? Of course, not all games create the same Christmas effect, which is why I present to you a list of six Christmas video games that you won’t stop playing.

1) Home Alone

Christmas video games

The movie Home Alone has become a classic Christmas item for many, so if you loved this movie, you wouldn’t stop playing the game of the same name. In it, you will become Kevin McCallister, and you must prevent thieves from entering the neighborhood houses to steal. You will have to use all your logic so that they fall directly into the traps.

Although it is true that the Home Alone video game is quite retro, since it was released in 1991, it is still super fun. Home Alone was developed for various platforms, including super NES, Game Boy, and PC. However, one of the most successful because of the variation in plot and graphics was the Sega Genesis.

If you don’t have any of these consoles, don’t worry, there are currently emulators where you can easily play it, and there are even online versions so you can enjoy it and give criminals what they deserve.

2) Parasite Eve

Christmas video games

Many may be thinking, “Parasite Eve on this list?” Of course, more than anything because the game is set precisely at Christmas time.

In the Parasite Eve video game, you will play Aya Brea, who will spend a pleasant evening of opera on Christmas Eve. However, she does not know that this show will turn into carnage since Eve, the singer, causes the spontaneous combustion of all the spectators of the event, except Aya.

From there, you will immerse yourself in a survivor adventure with a significant influence of the RPG. Although indeed, you will not be handing out gifts or drinking hot chocolate on stage, it is an excellent game that, no matter how many years go by, will never cease to be a gem.

3) The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge

Christmas video games

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an extraordinary film that doesn’t tire you, no matter how much you watch it, especially at Christmas time. Now, what would you think if I told you that there exists the nightmare before Christmas video game, which refers to the continuation of the plot?

Yes, in 2004, The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge was released on the PlayStation for all movie lovers. In this game, Oogie Boogie takes advantage of Jack’s absence to take control of the city, so it’s up to you to help Skellington save all the festivities from this nasty monster.

The entire game has a spooky and Christmas atmosphere, many of the conversations between the characters take place between songs that have already been heard in the movie, and sometimes you will have to dance to defeat Oogie. All a work of art.

4) Donkey Kong Country 3

Christmas video games

It may seem a bit strange that a game set in the jungle is a Christmas-related video game. However, nothing happens by chance, and in Donkey Kong Country 3, there is a trick that changes everything.

When starting a game, the player can choose any name they want for the slot; however, if the word “Merry” is placed, you will turn the whole game into a Christmas adventure for you to enjoy at this time of year. All the decorations of the setting change; you will see snow everywhere, listen to Christmas music, and the stars and bananas you must collect will change for bells and gifts. This strategy has been brilliant.

5) Christmas Clix

If you are the type of gamer who loves puzzles, this Christmas, you can entertain yourself with the classic Christmas Clix, which you can play both on the Wii Console and PC.

This video game is super family-friendly and combines the classic form of falling blocks. Your objective will be to eliminate all the gifts and Christmas decorations as they begin to accumulate on the playing field; in this way, your Christmas tree will be completely decorated.

Christmas Clix has a very colorful aesthetic. In each scenario, the details change, which makes it a very dynamic game. Plus, there are some really catchy Christmas tunes to listen to.

6) Dead Rising 4

Of course, we should mention Dead Rising 4. Even though the story is centered on a zombie apocalypse, the story is set in a hypothetical Christmas of 2022, so the game’s tone becomes something very fun and loaded in the mood.

In this installment, you will control Frank West, the photographer who starred in the first game of the saga. Frank must return to the mall that originated it all, and this time he does so at a time of year that is loaded with Christmas atmosphere, on Thanksgiving Day.

This is why as he moves through the different corridors of the huge mall, you will see that the decoration of the place is by the Christmas theme, and in the background, you will not stop listening to a musical thread with Christmas carols.

This installment of Dead Rising gave fans of the game something precious, time. In the previous versions of the game, you had a stopwatch with an absurd time that made the adventure have to be restarted many times due to a lack of time to complete specific missions.

So this Christmas, you can enjoy zombie annihilation without getting too frustrated.

Holidays full of action, adventure, and lots of fun

There is very little left to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome to 2022. But for this, there are still a few cookies on our table, hot milk, and, of course, cool video games for Christmas to play. Many of them are classics, so you can leap in time and enjoy everything that the world of video games has to offer.

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