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Anno 1800 Console Edition: Free Trial and Tips to Build Your Industrial Empire

  March 21, 2023

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Anno 1800 now has a Console Edition on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Players can enjoy a free game trial on the mentioned consoles and PC from March 16 until March 23. So, we will give you some tips to take advantage of this free week.

The Console Edition has been optimized for controllers. It has a brand-new interface that fully utilizes the capabilities of new-gen hardware to offer an immersive real-time strategy game. Players can enjoy the Standard Edition’s complete content for an entire week. Also, they can choose to embark on a story-driven campaign or create their own world.

The bad news is that your progress cannot be transferred to Xbox if you have already played it on PC. However, the game does have cross-progression between Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles, meaning you can start the game on one platform and continue it on another.

If you haven’t played it, what is Anno 1800 about? 

It is a city-building and real-time strategy game published by Ubisoft. It allows players to build and manage their own city. You can work in the construction of buildings, trade routes, and resource management. Besides, it is possible to transform small villages into thriving metropolises during the Industrial Revolution. 

The game is set in a world of resource-rich islands that players can explore. The ability to establish trade routes, forge alliances, and strengthen defenses are crucial steps toward building prosperous settlements.

The main goal of Anno 1800 is to build and manage a successful industrial empire. The game involves running a complex economy, including production chains, trade routes, and diplomatic relations. The ultimate objective is to become the most prosperous and influential player in the game world.

How to start in Anno 1800?

Before you start, here are some tips and tricks that can assist you in getting a head start and maximizing your free game trial week.

To collect resources of any kind in Anno 1800, your production facilities must be close to a warehouse where they can be stored. The system is similar to the Age of Empires. The closer they are, the more effective the collection of resources will be.

You can have access to resources from any warehouse located on your island. It is like uploading data to the cloud, where you can retrieve the stored goods from the warehouse nearest to where they are required. However, to get to warehouses on other islands, you must establish trade routes to keep those warehouses adequately supplied.

Talking about your citizens, they are essential components in Anno 1800. They provide all you need to keep your city running. Initially, all citizens start as Farmers, but to expand production capabilities, they must be upgraded to Workers. 

But keep in mind that each population has its own designated occupations. Although upgrading Farmers to Workers introduces new production methods, Farmers are still necessary. Like in our society, farmers can harvest specific resources your city will always require.

In a settlement, population represents more than mere progress; every inhabitant is an asset. For example, when you construct a factory, the process requires a specific number of workers. So, it’s crucial to ensure that citizens seek employment before creating the factory. Moreover, you must ensure that the workers are of the appropriate type for the facility you’re building. Low staffing levels will impede production, incur costs, and result in financial losses before you can even realize what’s happening. Are you ready to play it?

How to play Anno 1800 for free?

Anno 1800 is available for a free trial from March 16 to the end of the day on March 23 (UTC). You can enjoy it whether you’re a PC or next-gen console owner! Be sure to tell your friends! 

Remember, it is playable on various platforms, including Ubisoft Connect, EPIC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Is Anno 1800 worth it?

Overall, Anno 1800 is a highly engaging and immersive city-building game. We dare to say that the game’s attention to detail in the game mechanics, graphics, and sound design makes it an exceptional game. It is undoubtedly worth playing for its exciting gameplay and historical immersion.

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