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What is Palworld, and why did it get so famous?

  January 23, 2024

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Palworld, the multiplayer monster-collecting game with open-world survival elements, took the gaming world by storm, selling a staggering five million copies in just three days.

It is described as a blend of Pokémon and survival games like Rust and Ark: Survival. If you want to try it, Palworld is available to play on PC, Xbox X/S, and Xbox One. 

Pocket Pair, Inc. hasn’t laid out any specific plans for making this game available for PlayStation 5, but they might consider it as they progress with development.

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What Palworld is about?

Palworld allows players, known as “pal-tamers,” to battle human foes and capture creatures called “Pals.” The captured monsters can either fight alongside players or contribute to crafting at the base.

You find yourself striving to endure a challenging environment with the aid of companions, firearms, and an array of melee weapons. Acquiring Pals is akin to the process in a Pokémon game, where you employ a unique ball to capture them and include them in both your party and Paldeck list.

It’s amazing how quickly this game has become a trending topic! Palworld received praise for its graphics and earned a “very positive” user rating on Steam based on 40,000 reviews. However, its design choices and gameplay similarities sparked debates. 

Gameplay and Controversies in Palworld

Within just a few days of its Early Access launch, Palworld has gained immense popularity and found itself at the center of controversy.

Critics pointed out the undeniable similarities with Pokémon, but some argued that the unique blend of concepts made Palworld stand out in its own right.

Besides, the unexpected popularity caused server crashes, leaving eager players grappling with connection issues. The developers acknowledged the challenges, revealing that their support team received 50,000 inquiries and actively addressed serious bugs. Players reported lags and freezing but remained hooked on the game.

Also, there are allegations that the game’s developer, Pocket Pair, has implemented GenAI in Palworld. While the accusations have been raised, there is no definitive proof of GenAI being used in the design or assets of the game.

However, Pocket Pair CEO Takuro Mizobe expressed fascination with an experiment involving the creation of generated Pokémon using early AI tools in tweets from 2021. Although some interpreted this as Mizobe using GenAI to create Pokémon models, no confirmed evidence supports this claim.

In 2022, Pocket Pair released a less-known game called AI: Art Imposter, which featured an internal GenAI system to add fuel to the flames. The game involved players guessing the origins of images generated by AI. So, despite its huge sales, the game faces a huge amount of criticism.

Player Reactions to Palworld

Players expressed mixed opinions on platforms like Reddit. Some found Palworld unpolished and visually unappealing, comparing it to an AI attempt at replicating a Pokémon and gun game. Others defended its unique gameplay loop, emphasizing that it plays more like Ark or Rust than Pokémon. The community showcased a diverse range of reactions, from disappointment to enthusiastic enjoyment.

Tell us your opinion about the game in the comments if you have already played it. We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Palworld’s Unprecedented Success and Ongoing Evolution

Palworld‘s rapid rise to success, marked by astronomical sales and widespread player engagement, underscores the gaming community’s appetite for innovative concepts. Despite controversies and criticisms, the game manages to carve its niche by merging familiar elements into a distinct gaming experience. As the developers continue to address early access challenges, Palworld’s journey is a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of online gaming.

So, the one million question: Was Palworld created with AI? Well, we do not know yet. But when it comes to being a bestseller, it’s a bestseller. As Tom Freston, Co-founder of MTV, once said: “Innovation is taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way.”

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