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The Pokémon Company Makes a Statement About Palworld Game

  January 26, 2024

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The Pokémon Company, a co-owner of Nintendo, has disclosed plans to investigate Palworld, responding to numerous reports suggesting that the popular game may have drawn inspiration or assets from the Pokémon series. However, the game in question is not explicitly named.

Of course, we know that both games have some apparent similarities. Still, because of the great popularity that Palworld Game achieved in such a short time, it is not surprising that Nintendo wants to do a review to find out if these similarities can lead to a lawsuit.

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The Pokémon Company’s Response to Palworld Game

In a statement released in Japan, The Pokémon Company addressed the matter of an “investigation” into Palworld:

“We have received numerous inquiries regarding a game released by another company in January 2024. No authorization has been granted for the use of Pokémon intellectual property or assets in that game. We are committed to investigating and taking appropriate actions against any activities that infringe on the intellectual property rights associated with Pokémon. Our dedication remains to cherish and nurture each Pokémon and its world, fostering unity through Pokémon in the future.”

While The Pokémon Company’s statement is notable, it does not necessarily suggest significant consequences for Palworld.

At the moment, they are in the investigation phase to see if there will be a Palworld-Pokemon lawsuit. So unless they find enough reasons to say there was copyright infringement, it’s just a statement for now. 

Intellectual Property Investigation against Palworld Game

Regarding intellectual property, it is evident that no direct terms or specific Pokémon characters are being used in Palworld’s Game. They might be pretty similar but not identical. Nintendo promptly addressed a Pokémon reskin mod for Palworld upon its release.

The question of assets seems to be the only aspect with potential weight. While similar designs exist, the issue of illegal asset appropriation is a distinct matter. “Lazy design” imitating other creations does not constitute theft unless they find explicit evidence of asset stealing.

Several viral comparison videos showcase models of Palworld Pals seemingly fitting seamlessly into Pokémon models. However, it is important to have some caution regarding the accuracy of these comparisons.. It remains uncertain if Palworld uses Nintendo assets directly in the game.

Awaiting the Investigation’s Outcome

The Pokémon Company cannot make a strong case by merely asserting a resemblance to their Pokémon; they require concrete evidence of asset theft, which, while not impossible, seems unlikely. Or that’s what we think!

Palworld was in development for several years before this controversy, and it is not new information for The Pokémon Company and Nintendo that this game exists. The statement appears more like a response needed to the game’s significant popularity, with eight million copies sold in six days at this moment. The game has generated around $189 million in revenue on the Steam platform, so maybe the staggering sales figures are raising concerns for Nintendo.

While there is a possibility that these claims could harm Palworld, it remains to be seen if The Pokémon Company’s investigation will yield any conclusive findings.

While we await more information, stay tuned to our blog or social media channels for the latest updates. We’ll keep you informed and engaged during this period of anticipation. And remember to join Ugami now to get rewards for your purchases!

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