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How to get the best gaming date?

  June 17, 2021

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“Netflix and Chill” is one of the phrases that define today’s dates, but it is not the only thing. Video games stopped being children’s things a long time ago, and if you want to have a special moment with your loved one or even with your friends, a gaming date is possibly your best option.

In the case of couples, only one of the two may be a gamer, but this should not be an impediment to sharing a completely original and fun date, which helps to strengthen the bonds within the relationship further.

In all cases, video games are really fun, and with so many different genres and themes, it is possible to find a middle ground between the tastes of both to spend a memorable evening.

However, it is important that you heed a small warning before you continue reading: If either of you is a sore loser, it is possible that the relationship will be completely ruined after this date. If you still decide to listen to us, it is at your own risk.

So, without further ado, we present you the 3 tips you need to know to have the best gamer dating experience:

1) Get the right food and beverages

OK, one of the fundamental pillars of any successful date is food, and in the case of Best Gaming Dating, this is not different. There are various ways to include options for dishes and drinks specially designed for a playing night:

Prepare your own videogame food recipe:

From the famous Sunlight Souffle from Skyrim to the Elixir Soup of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, many iconic dishes within the video games have awakened curiosity in more than one gamer.

Suppose you and your date are fanatics of a specific game. In that case, it is an excellent idea that you look for recipes from the meals that appear during the gameplay, buy the ingredients, and then prepare this recipe together to enjoy during the evening.

If it is a somewhat complicated recipe, you could also prepare it in advance so you can dedicate the time of the date to play what you want.

The same applies to drinks since there are many recipes for cocktails and beverages inspired by video games or even taken directly from them.

Although this may seem like something laborious, it will undoubtedly help you add additional points to the evening and make it unforgettable.


You have already prepared and eaten the main meal; however, it is not everything. Undoubtedly, Snacks during gaming are an excellent idea. For Snacks, there are several options. Among the possibilities, these stand out:

  • Fruits.
  • Tables with charcuterie or cheeses.
  • Sweets.

Personally, I recommend you avoid snacks with sauces or grease, as it could cause the controls of your console to fill out with waste and dirt, which could cause problems later.

2) The decoration

If you want Level Your Gamer Dating Up, you should certainly consider the decoration of the place. The best video games are those that give you an immersive experience; therefore, decorating the room where you are going to play will help you win some extra points, and maybe you even get a 1up.

You can keep it simple and add some LED Strip Lights to change the lighting tone, make some decorations related to games with Cardbox, or even go further and do cosplay.

best gaming date

Or you can go one step beyond and create your own small and straightforward escape room or a scavenger hunt game based on a story that you both find interesting. This type of activity can be very entertaining, and you can even include some rewards at the end.

3) Which games to play

There are many different types of games and themes; however, not all are suitable for gamer dating. Before choosing night options, you must select the kind of Gaming Experience you want to enjoy, for example:

  • Competition between your partner and you.
  • Stories/Telltale Games.
  • Romance.
  • Adventure.

Indeed, I know many games fit within several of these categories simultaneously. However, it is not the same to play romantic videogames that participate in a fighting tournament next to your date. However, here we have some games that are ideal for enjoying as a couple:

LAST OF US 1 & 2

This game is not multiplayer. However, nothing prevents two players from taking turns along with the game. Undoubtedly your game mechanics and your story will make you totally immerse yourself in the game.

best gaming date


This is a game saga that focuses on decision-making. It is possible to play any of its editions separately without problems since each story is beautiful (and emotionally destructive) in any of them. Although you have to wait until September 10 to enjoy the Life Is Strange True Colors, it will undoubtedly be a game that you must include.

best gaming date


If you are very sure about your relationship, Mortal Kombat 11 is a perfect decision. This game includes a lot of content, game modalities, advanced graphics, and, without a doubt, stimulating healthy competition within the relationship. They can upload bets and make the loser wash dinner dishes.

best gaming date


With these three tips, you will be more than prepared to have the perfect gaming date. However, nothing prevents you from getting as many benefits as possible while making the necessary preparations.

As you can see, you will likely need to buy some things in advance for the great night, and what kind of gamer would you be if you do not try to get some extra rewards in the real world? Fortunately, if you pay these purchases with Credit Cards for Gamers as the new Ugami Card, you can get some important benefits.

For example, you can get UgiPoints to accumulate with this card, which you can change by different rewards that include new Gaming Hardware, Software, Games, Events tickets, and much more.

If you want to know more about the Ugami Card, download the Ugami App so that you are among the first users who can begin to get the most out of each transaction they make. This way, you can make your gaming date become an utterly unforgettable experience.

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