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E3 Says Goodbye: Sad End of an Era in the Gaming World

  December 12, 2023

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E3, the celebrated video game trade show that once dominated the gaming industry’s landscape, is bidding its final farewell. The confirmation came from ESA CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis in an interview with The Washington Post. This marks the end of an almost three-decade-long legacy.

A Shift in the Industry Dynamics

Pierre-Louis attributed the new fact that the E3 is dead to the altering dynamics within the gaming industry. Developers and publishers began sidestepping the event, favoring their tailored, cost-effective showcases directly aimed at fans. Events like Nintendo Direct, Sony’s State of Play, and Xbox Games Showcase grew in prominence, affecting E3‘s relevance.

E3 Says Goodbye Officially

The pandemic in 2020 stopped the E3 celebration and other significant gaming events like GDC and Gamescom. Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest emerged as a viable alternative. By contrast, the Covid pandemic helped to give more popularity to other online showcases. Consequently, E3’s last in-person show was in 2019, and subsequent attempts at revival were futile.

After many speculations, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) confirmed E3’s permanent closure. With the surge of new original online showcases and the support of major companies, the E3’s end was inevitable.

ESA’s statement on X (formerly Twitter) marked the end of great times: “Thanks for the memories. GGWP.” While acknowledging the industry’s sentimentality for E3, Pierre-Louis emphasized exploring new avenues to engage audiences effectively.

E3 is Dead: An Irreplaceable Legacy

The gaming community mourned the loss of E3. VGC editor Andy Robinson reminisced, highlighting E3’s unmatched excitement, while Ryan T Brown (Toadsanime) encapsulated its significance as more than a mere event but an annual spectacle.

A Transition to Newer Horizons Now that E3 is Dead

Despite the end of E3, the industry anticipates fresh initiatives. Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest stands to pick up the pieces, promising continued coverage of upcoming game events and releases.

E3’s departure marks a turning point in gaming, heralding a new era of tailored showcases. While nostalgia pervades the gaming community, it’s also a time of anticipation for innovative approaches to engage gamers worldwide. Stay tuned to our social channels for real-time updates on upcoming game news, events, and video game releases. 

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