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New DirectX 12 Agility SDK update opens the door to a new generation of games

  April 18, 2023

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Every gamer knows that having the appropriate amount of memory is crucial. If you don’t have enough RAM, your computer won’t save essential game data, leading to poor performance.

Yet, there is a new door opening for significant changes to PC Gaming in the future. 

Microsoft has released an update to its DirectX 12 API. The feature called GPU Upload heaps could cut memory requirements in some games. It is integrated into the new Agility SDK for DirectX 12 Ultimate game development.

This enhancement would be great for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 games, which need more RAM on PC than on consoles. Some games are too graphically demanding when you play on a PC and do not offer better performance or new features. But when you play the same on PS5 or Xbox, they will run fine.

Besides, there won’t be any extra expenses involved in updating the components. So, it will significantly reduce the impact of RAM in games without breaking the bank.

What exactly is DirectX 12 Agility SDK?

The DirectX 12 Agility SDK is a Microsoft update that enables developers to integrate the latest DirectX 12 graphics features swiftly. Developers can now incorporate the latest features into their games. It will allow gamers to enjoy them without upgrading their operating systems.

Nearly every gaming machine available today can run games incorporating the Agility SDK. So, gamers can enjoy the latest features on any device running the Windows 10 November 2019 Update or a newer version.

Which new functionalities incorporate the DirectX 12 Agility SDK?

The initial addition to the Agility SDK is GPU upload heaps, which can potentially reduce dynamic random access memory (DRAM) usage. This feature enables the CPU to access the video RAM (VRAM) of the GPU, thus eliminating the need for data to be copied from VRAM to DRAM before being accessed by the CPU.

This functionality would result in new efficiencies for developers and performance improvements for end-users by reducing the required data and resources.

The Agility SDK simplifies the process for developers to enhance the gaming experience. This means that newer graphics features will be implemented in games more quickly. So, good news for gamers!

In the past, developers faced the dilemma of waiting until a feature was widely adopted before incorporating it into their games. The Agility SDK eliminates this issue and allows the latest DirectX features to be used sooner than ever.

The update also removes a significant obstacle for developers who create cross-platform titles. Devs with games operating on multiple platforms are often concerned about feature parity. Additionally, maintaining different code paths can be a challenge. When a feature is available on one platform but not the other, they may need to decide whether to wait until it is available on both platforms or not to support it. As a result, this new update could increase the number of cross-platform games.

So from now on, we will enjoy a new generation of video games thanks to this update.

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