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Don’t miss the best multiplayer games to play online [2021]

  August 18, 2021

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Currently, a large number of games offer the possibility of enjoying online multiplayer mode. Many of these focus on competitiveness, while others provide a more relaxed experience when it comes to competing with friends.

However, since there are so many options, it isn’t easy to choose just one; therefore, we decided to create a compilation of the best titles so that you can enjoy the best multiplayer games with your Friends online.

How do online multiplayer games work?

Online multiplayer games are, in general, those where a group of people (clients) connect to the server of a game to participate in different activities such as completing missions, completing tasks, and competing to climb places in the ranking, among others. Along with other players through the internet.

A very particular characteristic of online multiplayer games is that you will not be able to pause the game here, unlike offline single-player video games. This means that the game continues even if you are not connected, so when you re-enter the game, you could get surprises in many games, such as raids or that have killed your character.

Multiplayer online games usually oscillate between co-op and PvP modes. Cooperative or co-op games are those where players work together to overcome the game’s different challenges, such as NPCs, puzzles, and others.

For its part, PvP games are those where players face each other, and although some allow you to create collaborations or clans with others, the intention is to kill another group of players. Simply put, PvP multiplayer games promote competition between the same players.

Top 8 Best multiplayer games (online)

Although many games are amazing, but the players are who make them successful. These are some of the best multiplayer games online to play with Friends.

1- Among us

Among Us became one of the player’s favorites during 2020. Its mechanics are simple. You must use social deduction to identify those players who would be impostors. The rest of the players must complete tasks and vote to try to expel the impostor before he kills them all.

2- CS: GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO is one of the best multiplayer games on PC. CS started as a mod for Half-Life 1. This game version receives continuous updates and has an entire community creating the most amazing skins. The best part is that this is also one of the most played esport games, and you can get it on Steam.

3- Dota 2

This is another of the esports’ favorites. Dota 2 started as a map for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and that map was called “Defense of the Ancients,” which was eventually abbreviated as DotA. Ultimately, this map generated a lot of hype, and more versions of it appeared, eventually becoming a game on its own during 2013. It’s one of the current greatest MOBA, and you can find it on Steam as well.

4- League of Legends

Dota 2 isn’t the only popular MOBA for esport games, as League of Legends has a huge fandom, being played every day by more than 8 million gamers. It is actually inspired by DOTA, and in a match, two teams with five players each compete. Every gamer control one of 155 available champions, and they will gain more experience and gold by killing the enemies and winning the matches. It’s a free-to-play game, but you can buy upgrades if you want to.

5- Valorant

Valorant was created by Riot to compete with CS: GO. The gameplay is quite familiar to other online multiplayer FPS games since in the six game modes that exist, two teams of five agents each must compete, both attacking and defending. Likewise, buying weapons at the beginning of each round is necessary after earning money, depending on the previous round’s performance. Unlike CS: GO, each agent has unique abilities, so the player must purchase skills and weapons according to the used one.

6- Fortnite

This game was created as a shooter that mixes several genders as survival, sandbox, zombies, and even building. Currently, it is a battle royale game that has become one of the most popular among players of all ages. Its gameplay is quite simple, but winning in it is actually hard. Here hundreds of players fight each other to try to become the last survivor. But it’s not only violence, as Fortnite has hosted various events like virtual concerts and minigames to make a more fun experience. You can find this game on the Epic Games.

7- Rocket League

best multiplayer games

If you are looking to play online multiplayer games with friends, Rocket League might be your option. This game blends football and cars in ways nobody could think were possible before. In each mat, two teams with 1-4 players compete depending on the selected game mode, and it’s not only available on PC, as this is also one of the best multiplayer games on PS4 / PS5, and it’s free to play.

8- Grand Theft Auto Online

best multiplayer games

This is one of the masterpieces of Rockstar. It has been available since 2013. There are many things to do in this “Los Santos” scenario; after all, we are talking of an Open World Multiplayer Game. There are all kinds of stories running down their streets, and there are millions of active users and content every day, so if you are ready for some action, GTA Online is ready too.

Do you prefer single player games or multiplayer?

esports stars, best multiplayer games

If you have never dared to play multiplayer games, you will indeed find on this list one that suits your tastes. If not, there are hundreds of other games with different mechanics that you could try. The important thing is that you can have fun with your friends.

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