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Ugami’s Hogwarts Legacy Review: is it worth it?

  March 10, 2023

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You belong in… Slytherin! Well, at least that’s what the sorting hat told me hehe. 

Finally, after a long wait for one of the most anticipated launches of 2023, Hogwarts Legacy was released, and it didn’t disappoint us.

With a gorgeous ambiance, a long list of activities, and excellent combat gameplay, Hogwarts Legacy is already one of the best games you can play in 2023, and who knows? It might be a top contender for the Game of the Year awards.

So let’s start with our Hogwarts Legacy Game Review. We tried to be as objective as we could, but the hype was a serious deal.

The first steps in the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay

Hogwarts Legacy analysis

When starting your gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy, you start your new magical adventure with the creation of your character, an introduction to your mentor Professor Fig and a quick explanation of the current Wizarding World situation.

You will learn that you are a new Hogwarts student, but you will start as a 5th-year student because of your age. Not long after, you were pursued by a dragon controlled by our main antagonist Ranrok, an evil Goblin who wishes to destroy wizardkind.

Is Hogwarts Legacy worth it? The good and the bad from the game

After some hours of hard work to finish this Hogwarts Legacy review, we are able to give you our Hogwarts Legacy rating for each important aspect of the game.

Main Storyline

Regarding the main storyline, it could be more catchy, and it gets tedious sometimes. Plus, you don’t learn something major about the wizarding world history like Merlin’s origins or something cool like a previous dark wizard who possessed the Elder Wand.

You just learn that ancient magic is a very special form of magic that only a few selected wizards/witches can see and control. So for this, we will give 3 out of 5 chocolate frogs to the storyline of Hogwarts Legacy.

Exploration System

Exploring in and out of Hogwarts is super fun and has many secrets and easter eggs!

Traveling with your broom is the best thing ever. If you just want to reach a far point on the map, you can use the Flu network to teleport as close as you can get to your wished destination as long as you have visited it before.

Five chocolate frogs to the exploration and travel of Hogwarts Legacy!

Extra missions and Other Activities

Without them, any game would become very boring as soon as you finish the main storyline. But Hogwarts Legacy is not the case at all. If you really want to complete 100%of the game, you will even have to get sorted in all of the four different houses to have exclusive missions dedicated to each house! (This includes visiting Azkaban as a Hufflepuff… Yeah, we know).

So for this, we will give 5 out of 5 chocolate frogs.

Menu and Map Interface

Now for an essential game part: The map and the general menu. It’s pretty but not the best in terms of smoothness and efficiency. It feels like you have to open a menu on a menu to get to another point of the open world using the map.

Still, we understand why it was designed this way since the open world of Hogwarts Legacy has many points of interest, especially inside our favorite school.

3 out of 5 chocolate frogs!

Customization and Inventory Upgrades

In our opinion, the customization and upgrades of your inventory lack something crucial.

While you can get scarves, uniforms, and clothing that boost aspects of your stats like attack and resistance, your wand, the most important thing in a wizard or witch’s life, has no improvements, upgrades, or differences between the woods and cores that you choose.

When picking any Ollivander’s wand, you will find he has a wide range of woods to choose from, plus the three most powerful cores, according to Mr. Ollivander, of course.

Each core has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, but not in Hogwarts Legacy. Every single wand you choose will have the same effect as any other.

So for this, we will have to give 2 out of 5 chocolate frogs to this part of the game.

The School System

Hogwarts legacy rating

The School experience feels great! You have all of the classes available to you, and if you progress with your homework and studies, your Professors will teach you new spells and jinxes to make your life easier.

We strongly recommend finishing all your classes before setting out for an adventure in the open world. This way will be much more enjoyable since you’ll have more spells and charms in your arsenal.

Although it’s a little bit disappointing that once you finish all of the side quests and classes, you no longer have anything else to do with them, like mini-games to earn collectibles, for example.

Because of this, we will award 4 out of 5 chocolate frogs to Hogwarts!

Hogwarts Legacy Spells and Charms System

Hogwarts Legacy Review

Talking about spells and charms, you have seven castable spells and 23 equipable spells in Hogwarts Legacy. Castable spells include Revelio and Alohomora, which don’t take a slot of your equipable spells since you can use them at any point of the game once you learn them.

We have charms like Accio, Expelliarmus, and even the three unforgivable curses for the equipable spells! But don’t get ahead of yourself; you can’t torture other Hogwarts students since you can only use these spells when engaged in combat or against an enemy in the open world.

But as a Slytherin, I must tell you that casting Avada Kedavra against evil witches and wizards who torture magical beasts for money is super satisfying! And I know this is one of the most expected features from this Hogwarts Legacy Review.

Five chocolate frogs to Spells and Charms for this Hogwarts Legacy rating!

Combat System

This leads us to the Hogwarts Legacy combat mechanics and gameplay. It feels super smooth and fun, and when mastered, it is super satisfying since you won’t give your enemies any chance to fight back.

As of today, Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have a multiplayer feature, but we really hope this is added in the future. Fighting against your friends and other people online with these awesome combat mechanics would be a blast. 5 out of 5 chocolate frogs!

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the best video games of 2023

Hogwarts legacy analysis

Now that you read our Hogwarts Legacy game review, you can surely say that this game has its flaws but has so many incredible things that they won’t cause significant trouble for the first title of this new Wizarding World experience.

Visiting Hogsmeade, buying your first wand, getting sorted to your favorite house, and destroying your enemies like a future dark arts master has never been experienced like this before.

So whether you want to be an exceptional student, a future Dark Wizard, a Hero to the wizarding World, or to behave like a babbling, bumbling band of baboons, Hogwarts Legacy has everything you need to make your magical dreams come true!

Hogwarts legacy game review

Officially, our Hogwarts Legacy analysis ends here. Now grab your wands, go to the great hall, and start your magical adventures, witches and wizards of Ugami, and remember:

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Albus Dumbledore

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