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Top 10 LGBT characters in video games

  June 22, 2022

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Even though we are in the year 2022, the fight for the representation and rights of the LGBTQ community continues. However, in the video game world, there are more and more allies, and with it, more sex-diverse characters within really extraordinary titles.

That is why this year at Ugami, we will also do our bit to support all gamers belonging to this beautiful community. If you want to find out about LGBT characters in video games, keep reading:

1. Chloe (Life is Strange)

At the top of the list, we have one of the best-known LGBT characters in video games. Although Life is Strange is an icon for gamers in the sexually diverse community, we cannot deny that one of its most charming characters is Chloe, the blue-haired girl that fans completely fell in love with.

Her personality is rebellious and sassy, and she has the fantastic ability to get into trouble. However, she has a heart of gold; which makes her one of the favorite characters of many lovers of graphic adventures.

Also, Chloe is that typical teenage girl in love who would do anything for the person that owns her heart. After she is reunited with Max, her childhood friend, strong feelings emerge between the two, and they become inseparable.

Chloe has two main love interests throughout the saga, Max, and Rachel. Her relationship with Rachel was not the healthiest in the world. However, her relationship with Max is so popular that it was extended as canon in the post-game comics. We are team Bae > Bay!

2. Trevor Phillips (GTA V)

When talking about LGBT characters in video games, we don’t just focus on video games about love. This is why GTA is an excellent reference because they have always included characters that belong to the community, for example, Gay Tony. However, Trevor Phillips from GTA V was one of the first openly gay video game protagonists.

Trevor’s life, like his peers, was full of physical and emotional abuse. Therefore, he became a violent person. However, that does not prevent him from confessing to Michel and Franklin that he does not identify as heterosexual.

Trevor’s LifeInvader page can be accessed in-game, and on his sentimental status, you can read him saying “any hole’s a goal,” which is pretty clever on the part of the developers, to be honest. In addition, he infers on several occasions that some of his sexual practices are not totally normative (from violent to dangerous).

However, no one could deny that Trevor Phillips is one of the most controversial LGBT video game characters.

3. Ellie (The Last of Us)

It’s incredible how many people who played the first installment of The Last of Us thought that making Ellie an LGBT character in the second part of the game was forced inclusion.

But, if you played the DLC of this great video game, Left Behind, you might have reveled in the love story between Ellie and her best friend, Riley. Despite the tragic romance, you learn, through the protagonist’s flashbacks, why she was determined to give her life to find the cure for the zombie infection.

In her memories, it is seen how moments after Riley and Ellie sealed their love with a kiss, the zombies bite both. Riley turns, but not Ellie, resulting in Ellie having to kill her because Riley asked her not to let her be one of those monsters.

Even though Riley was Ellie’s first love, in the second part of the game, she falls in love with Dina.

4. Lena “Tracer” Oxton (Overwatch)

Okay, this character may not have confirmed his sexual orientation within the video game, but how not to talk about Tracer if he is one of the most important characters for Blizzard. For this reason, when the company revealed that she belonged to the LGBT community through the digital comic, many congratulated the company for not being shy about including gender-diverse characters.

Even though Tracer’s sexual orientation occurred outside of the Overwatch video game, without a doubt was one of the most mediatic cases. After all, we are talking about a character from one of the most successful online shooters of recent years.

As a result, Tracer has become a gay icon of video games. Fun fact: In Overwatch, we can also find Soldier 76, a character whose sexual orientation was also revealed in a comic.

5. Birdetta (Mario Bros)

LGBT characters in video games

We may not be talking about one of the most iconic characters right now; however, Birdetta is honored to be the first trans character in Nintendo history. The Super Mario Bros 2 instruction manual described her as “a boy who thinks he’s a girl.” Over time, the big company has embraced the idea that in Mario Tennis, Birdetta and Yoshi maintain a romantic relationship.

6. Krem (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

Although there is still a lot of work to be done regarding the representation of trans people in video games, luckily, among the few cases that do it well, Krem’s from Dragon Age: Inquisition is probably the best.

Krem is the second in command of a group of mercenaries led by Iron Bull; he is also a transgender man. This is never a matter of ridicule or debate, and everything related to his gender identity is treated so naturally that it makes me wanna cry of happiness.

Bioware took special care when writing Krem, consulting with people in the collective to create one of the most iconic trans characters ever seen in a video game. And, of course, they succeeded.

7. Gibraltar and Bloodhound (Apex Legends)

In true Overwatch fashion, Respawn has opted for inclusion in Apex Legends, which boasts one of the most diverse casts of heroes seen in a long time. And no, we are referring only to his abilities and appearance, but ethnic and sexual variety.

The most notable cases are Gibraltar, an openly gay character, and Bloodhound, who identifies as non-binary. Having LGBTQ representation in a game with millions of players is a significant step forward for representing the diverse gender community.

8. Athena and Janey Springs (Borderlands)

The Borderlands game is an engaging FPS that stands out for knowing how to balance delicious humor with an engaging atmosphere, exciting stories, and RPG elements within a post-apocalyptic world.

Players are lucky enough to learn more about Athena and Janey Springs’s life during the prequel. During several campaigns, you can see how both flirt; they glance at each other, and the attraction for each further increases. Their relationship is made explicit when they both confirm that they hope to get married soon during a dialogue option in Tales From The Borderlands.

9. Neeko (League of Legends)

LGBT characters in video games

Neeko has been the first openly lesbian character in the acclaimed game League of Legends. Her story narrates how the love between her and another female character named Nidalee arose.

They roamed the wilderness together for a long time; however, Nidalee refused to settle in a tribe with her, leaving her heartbroken.

10. Kung Jin (Mortal Kombat)

One of the most famous fighting video games of recent years is Mortal Kombat, and it’s probably one of the funniest stories you’ll find. However, if you haven’t followed it closely, you probably don’t know the story of Kung Jin, the monk and thief they added to the story that is related to Kung Lao.

There is a scene where Kung Jin can be seen talking to Raiden about the duties of a monk. Kung Jin talks about the problems that he will face because of his sexual orientation. Before each fight, you can see how he flirts with another. And if that didn’t make anything clear, the developers themselves confirmed that Kung is gay.

LGBT video game characters are important

One of the reasons that gamers spend a lot of hours playing video games is because many of them have stories that inspire them. It is also a common way to learn about oneself while playing in the skin of a character or feel identified with one of them.

Is for this reason that LGBT characters in video games are so important. The more representation there is of this community, the less alone its members will feel. It’s beautiful when you identify with a character from a video game, so much that it becomes your favorite.

If you haven’t played any of the LGBTQ video games mentioned in this list, what are you waiting for? Great stories are waiting for you.

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