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How to get your paycheck early with Ugami’s Direct Deposit?

  April 10, 2023

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In recent years, the gaming industry has experienced a massive surge in popularity, with millions of gamers worldwide spending countless hours immersed in their favorite games.

With the growing demand for online gaming, there has also been a rise in the need for convenient and secure payment options for gamers. That’s where Ugami comes in.

Ugami is a cool debit card for gamers and app, and is a convenient way to receive paychecks. This card works just like any other debit card, allowing you to make purchases and withdraw money from ATMs, but it also offers additional benefits tailored to the gaming community.

An advantage of using the Ugami account for your paycheck is the ease and speed of receiving your earnings. Instead of waiting for a paper check to arrive, your pay can be automatically deposited into your account.

Why should you connect your payroll to your Ugami account?

You will have many benefits if you have the Ugami card and decide to receive your paycheck in your account. It will be the easiest way to manage your finances. 

Use the mobile app

The Ugami app allows you to manage your finances using your smartphone. You can follow a few steps to activate the direct deposit.

One advantage of using the Ugami app is convenience. This app allows you to manage your finances anytime, anywhere, without visiting a branch during business hours. Besides, it has incredible features that you need to discover now!

Make purchases directly with your card

Once your paycheck has been deposited into your Ugami account, you can make purchases or pay for services, both online and in person. The best of it is that you get Ugipoints every time you use your card.

With the Ugami debit card, you can earn Ugipoints for everyday purchases, like groceries, gas, and dining out. And you can redeem them for gaming-related merchandise in the Ugami Store.

Redeeming your Ugipoints is a simple process. Once you select the product you want from our store, the item will be shipped to you. It is the perfect way to build up your gaming collection without going bankrupt.


You also have the option to select a percentage of your paycheck to be automatically deposited into your account each pay period. It is a great way to build savings for specific goals, such as purchasing a new console.

For example, let’s say you want to save up for a new console that costs $500. Usually, you receive a bi-weekly paycheck of $1,000, and you can choose to have 10% ($100) of your salary deposited onto your card each pay period.

Once your savings start to build up on your debit card, you can use the funds to make your purchase without having to dip into your regular checking account or savings.

It can be helpful if you’re trying to budget for a big-ticket item or want to avoid taking on debt to finance your purchase.

How to activate the direct deposit option?

You can set up direct deposit to move all your paycheck early (up to 2 days) to your Ugami account. It can be excellent for budgeting purposes or if you want to save a portion of your earnings. So, we will show you how to do it:

  • Log in the Ugami App.
  • Tap the Add Funds button.
  • Then go to Direct Deposit.
  • Two options will appear, and you can connect it manually or automatically. We recommend you use the easiest one.

Note: If you want to receive your payment up to two days before, check the box below.

Using the direct deposit option with the Ugami app can make receiving and managing your paycheck more convenient and streamlined.

Is it possible to get my paycheck early with Ugami?

Short answer: YES! When you use the Ugami App, you can receive your paycheck faster than using a traditional bank’s direct deposit system. Depending on your supplier, it can take 1 to 2 payroll periods to kick in, but you will get more advantages by doing so.

When your paycheck is deposited faster, you can have peace of mind knowing that your funds are already available when you need to pay bills like rent or utilities.

Essentially, the process for submitting payroll remains the same, but you can level up your paycheck speed with Ugami by checking the box that says “Opt-in to early payments.”

Early paycheck, early relief

Receiving your paycheck sooner is great and can provide numerous benefits, particularly for those who rely on a consistent income to meet their financial obligations or have unexpected expenses. One way to receive your paycheck earlier is through Ugami.

With the Ugami card, you can receive your paycheck up to two days earlier than you would with a traditional bank account. It allows you to get a head start on paying bills. For example, you can use the extra time to pay off a credit card balance or put money towards savings. So, you will avoid late fees or other penalties that can add up over time.

Additionally, receiving your paycheck earlier can help you manage your cash flow more effectively. Knowing that your salary will be available sooner, you can plan your budget more accurately and make more informed financial decisions.

Whether you’re a serious gamer or simply looking for a way to get ahead financially, the Ugami card can be a valuable item in your inventory.

How to get the most out of your paycheck with the Ugami card?

If you are a gamer looking for ways to maximize your hard-earned money, you need to take control of your finances. With the Ugami card, you can stretch your paycheck further and save money.

Here are some tips and strategies to become the boss of your finances and make the most of your paycheck.

  • Creating a budget is the main step to upgrading your finances. It will help you to navigate your financial world like a gaming expert. Discover where your coins are going and where you can save!
  • Prioritizing your expenses can help you to focus on the most important ones. Start with essentials like rent, utilities, groceries, and transportation.
  • If you have outstanding debts, consider making extra payments to reduce them as quickly as possible. This can help you save money on interest in the long run.
  • Set aside some money each paycheck for unexpected expenses. Having a backup fund can prevent you from relying on loans.
  • Shop smart using the Ugami card. You will get rewards that can be redeemed for gaming products. So you won’t need to use all your savings to buy the things you love.
  • Look for sales and discounts when shopping. Maximize your wallet potential with video game discounts!

By implementing these strategies, you can stretch your paycheck further, reduce debt, build savings, and improve your overall financial health. Are you ready to try these?

Overall, gaming and payday just got a lot better with Ugami. Receiving your paycheck earlier through your card can help you to manage your finances more effectively. So, try it! Apply for the Ugami Card, now, and you won’t regret it!

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