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Guide: How to play Rainbow Six Siege for beginners?

  May 23, 2023

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An exciting new year is beginning for Rainbow Six Siege! With tons of changes, a new powerful operator, and a drastic turn to the Storyline in the Rainbow Six Universe, Ubisoft has gotten us all hyped about what’s coming next in this new chapter of this video game. If you want to learn how to play Rainbow Six Siege, Let’s get started!

How Do I Start Playing Rainbow Six Siege If I’m New to the Game?

Don’t worry we got you covered! Rainbow Six Siege is constantly adding operators to its roster. Still, as of today, there are 67 agents divided into 34 Attackers and 33 Defenders. Each one with unique gadgets and abilities.

Any Match is composed of 2 teams, both with 5 players each. Before a competitive (Ranked or Unranked) match begins, both your team and the opposing team have to ban 1 map of a 5-map pool that will be offered to both teams. After this, both teams will each ban 2 operators, one attacker, and one defender. The match has begun!

The Objectives of Rainbow Six Siege

Your team will be placed either on the attacking side or the defending side first. After 3 rounds, both teams will change positions meaning that if you got the attacking side first after 3 rounds, it will be your team’s turn to defend!

The first team to win 4 rounds (Best out of 6 rounds) wins the match. But if both teams have 3 rounds wins, then the match goes to overtime, and the first team to win 5 rounds wins the game!

If you are attacking, the game’s main objective is to plant the defuser in selected bomb sites and protect it from the defending team so they don’t deactivate it. If you are defending, your main objective will be to protect the bomb sites and prevent the attacking team from planting the defuser and, if they do plant it, to deactivate it.

You can win a round if you kill all of the opposing team players too. So don’t be too shy to play aggressively since getting kills can help your team grab a much-needed numbers advantage!

Attacking in Rainbow Six Siege

Let’s talk about the attacking side. You’ll start each round by selecting which Operator you want to bring to the battlefield, a spawn location, and a deployed drone. You must use this drone to find the bomb sites the opposing team chose to defend.

This is known as the prep phase since as you communicate strategies and droning for information with your team. Meanwhile, the opposing team is preparing to defend the bomb sites with strategies, gadgets, and traps.

Once the prep phase finishes, the attacking team will spawn on the map, and you’ll have 3 minutes to win the round. If the time reaches 0 and your team hasn’t managed to plant the bomb or kill the defending team, you’ll lose the round.

Defending in Rainbow Six Siege

Now for the defending side. You will spawn as soon as the prep phase starts. You’ll need to reinforce walls, communicate with your teammates to deploy gadgets, and traps, and plan your defense strategy. The attacking side will be droning and searching for your bomb sites and also gathering information about what you are doing to try and defeat your team.

Communication is Vital in the game!

As you already noticed, information and good communication are vital in this game. There is no minimap, so you’ll need to gather as much information as possible to win a round successfully.

Droning or watching the cameras for your teammates can have a massive impact on their performance. As you will be helping them to clear corners and to focus only on the places, you don’t have any information yet.

Just by knowing where the opposing team is, what operators they are using, and which places on the map they are holding or defending will mark a huge difference between your team and the opposing one.

3 Tips to Improve at Rainbow Six Siege

What can you do as an individual player to improve at the game and win more matches? I have consistently reached Diamond Rank since Operation Para Bellum, and let me tell you the most important skills you will need.

1) Communication, Map Knowledge, and Game Sense

Good communication, overall map knowledge, and game sense are way more important than a godly aim. Yes, a good aim can win you rounds and 1v1! but if the other team has good communication and supports each other, you’ll get killed as soon as you grab a kill on the opposing team.

But if you wish to improve as an individual player, you need to learn the callouts of each Rainbow Six Siege map and master the best operators in the game. And yes, if you improve your aim to godly levels, you’ll grab more kills so your team can win more rounds.

2) Choosing the right one among the Rainbow Six Siege Operators

Picking the right between the Rainbow Six Siege operators can also be the difference between a bad or good performance in a match. For this, we strongly recommend that you test them and find which are your favorite ones.

Feeling comfortable with an operator will make you perform better. If you want a tip from us, dominating ACE, IANA, and SLEDGE for the attacking side will give you good guns, excellent gadgets, and abilities to breach sites and create space for you and your teammates.

For the defending operators, we recommend Bandit, Smoke, and Maestro. Mastering these operators can make you a Jack of All trades. Also, any team will want to have you in their favor since you will be able to play any role you want.

Whether you want to be the best support player that is helping teammates with good communication, observation tools, and perfect gadget mastery, the aggressive player that engages the opposing team in gunfights for their teammates, or the high-intelligent player that will adapt to any situation, make strategies! Try your best to stop the opposing team’s plays and lead your team to victory!

3) Practicing Your Skills

You have a number of ways to practice your aim, operators, and map play in Rainbow Six Siege.

Terrorist Hunt Mode

Playing The Terrorist Hunt game mode in the Training Grounds Playlist can help you get used to all of the maps. This will help you to test the operators, their abilities, and their weapons.

Aim Trainers

If you want a more focused aim trainer, you can use AimLab or Kovaak’s. They both have scenarios and playlists to make your aim improve the fastest. Since in Rainbow Six Siege, you just need a headshot with any weapon in the game to kill an enemy, having a good aim can certainly win you a lot of rounds.

Practice Matches

You can also search for quick matches or unranked matches where you can practice your strategies and test your skills before using them on a ranked match. This way, you can pick your favorite practice method and start making huge improvements in your overall skills.

Learning How to play Rainbow Six Siege will be easier for you with Ugami!

I know it sounds complicated! But trust me, once you get the hang of it, you will be planning strategies and leading your team to a large number of victories in this multiplayer video game. Also, climbing up the ranks to be a top Rainbow Six Siege Player.

So good luck, Ugamers, on your Rainbow Six Siege journey, and may your gaming adventures be filled with triumphs and exciting rewards!

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