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How can I add money to my account?

  March 14, 2022

To enjoy all the benefits that come with being an Ugamer, you’ll want to add money to your Ugami account to use your cards and earn rewards. You’re able to add money to your account in several ways, one of the easiest being to set up a direct deposit with your employer or a similar fund source.

You can set up direct deposit with your employer either in-App, when opening your account or through the settings screen, or by providing your account and routing numbers directly to your employer or payroll provider.

If you’d rather add funds another way, you could link an external bank account. You can add your other bank accounts to Ugami if they’re supported by Plaid. This allows you to initiate ACH transfers from that bank to Ugami so you can fund your account at your leisure.

Also, you could use a 3rd Party App/Instant Transfers. Some apps such as Venmo, Cash App, DoorDash, etc. allow you to “cash out” your balance instantly, sending the funds through debit instead of ACH which allows your money to appear in your account faster. You can add your Ugami card to any 3rd party App that allows for it, and instant transfers of your balance to the card should arrive immediately. Please check with the sender of the funds for more specific timing information

Please note that currently, we do not accept wire transfers. Deposit cash in nearby merchants is a functionality that will be available soon.