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How do I link an external bank account?

  March 15, 2022

You can link external banks to your Ugami account to easily move money between these accounts. We also got good news for you: There are no fees when making a deposit or withdrawing to or from another account! To link your Ugami account to an external bank:

  1. Log into the Ugami App and tap the Add funds icon.
  2. There you’ll see a list of all the methods you could use to fund your account 
  3. If you select the “Bank Transfer (ACH) icon you’ll see a list of already external sources added and add a new one
  4. On the screen tap “Add Bank Account” and choose your bank from the list or type out its name in the search bar. You can link an external account instantly: Through your bank username and password and as well as our secure partner, Plaid, we can verify your ownership of the account and link it for you to use immediately.
  5. Please note that the account you link must be in your name.
  6. If you experience an error message when signing into your account through Plaid, you should reach out to your bank directly, as they may have limitations as to where you can link your account

We recommend linking checking accounts, but you can link other accounts that support ACH debits and credits. There may be limits imposed by your bank regarding activity permitted. For example, if you link a savings account there are limits on the number of transfers you can complete every month which are regulated by the government. Please contact your bank or financial institution if you’re unsure as to whether or not your external account is compatible.