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Insights: The Ugami Debit Card vs. other rewards cards

  November 8, 2022

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Nowadays, many financial institutions provide debit or credit cards with different purposes and benefits. They usually offer special promotions. Such as miles, points, gifts, or discounts in some stores.

But, many of these rewards do not always have a real benefit for their customers. Sometimes, they can be marketing strategies to attract more consumers without offering them a real reward in return. As a result, requesting these types of cards ends up being a waste of time and money.

In this way, reviewing the tangible benefits offered by the card you are planning to choose is essential. Then, compare it with other financial services and choose the most appropriate one for you.

What is a rewards card?

Rewards cards are issued by financial institutions. With these cards, you can manage your money and make daily purchases in person or online. On top of that, you have some benefits. For example, you can redeem points for gift cards or get miles to travel on certain airlines.

In the case of the Ugami Card, it is ideal for gamers. It offers rewards for your daily purchases in the form of Ugipoints. You can redeem those Ugipoints for gaming products at an excellent price. So, you can get your favorite product by redeeming the points you earned using your card.

Other debit cards may offer promotions that do not suit your lifestyle or are unavailable near you. For example, a card that offers travel miles won’t be helpful if you are not a frequent traveler. Or if you never go to certain places that offer discounts with that card, then it won’t make much sense since you wouldn’t be getting the most out of it.

Offers for different segments of the market

Debit cards are like Cinderella’s glass slipper or like each of the existing consoles on the market. They are made-to-measure to meet very specific needs. That’s why what works well for one niche may not work well for another.

Ugami is a debit card for gamers, and that’s why it covers the specific needs of people who love the video game world. That is the main difference between the Ugami card and other cards currently on the market.

Thus, before choosing your card, first think about your priorities. What benefits are you looking for, what products would you like, and what kind of lifestyle do you have? By answering these questions, you will get closer to choosing the perfect debit or credit card for gamers.

Sit down for a moment and think: would I rather have cards that give me some of my money back, cards that offer miles to travel, or cards with points to redeem? It all depends on the situation and the needs of each person.

How can I redeem my rewards?

This can also vary according to the type of card and the financial institution. For example, with some cards, the customer can receive cash back as a credit into the same card. With others, it is necessary to follow a series of steps indicated by the company to redeem your rewards.

In the case of Ugami, as it is a Banking for Gamers service, it is straightforward. You can check how many ugipoints you have in the App and enter the store to redeem them for some of the available products. Depending on the number of Ugipoints you have and the selected product, what you want could be for free!

In our store, you can find products such as peripherals, gaming chairs, electronic devices, video games, and computer parts, among others.

How to use your rewards cards to receive points?

Depending on the providing company, some cards give you the possibility of receiving their benefits only if you buy in a specific store. So if you are a loyal buyer of some brands, it could be better for you.

There are also cards that grant points only when you make online purchases. In this case, this could be very limited since there are people that are not used to buying online all the time. Many people prefer to go to stores to see the products they want before purchasing.

Meanwhile, with the Ugami card, you can get points with your daily purchases. It is not necessary to buy gaming-related products only to get your rewards. You can even earn by shopping at the supermarket or the gas station, or paying for services like Netflix.

This can also be decisive when choosing the card that suits you best. It depends on your shopping habits and the products you buy the most in your daily routine.

Choosing the best debit card for you

How to choose the right rewards card for you? We can’t decide that for you since thousands of cards are on the market. Finding and understanding which one is the best for your needs and the one that can give you the best rewards depends on the points we discussed above.

The good news is that most financial institutions show their terms and conditions on their websites and how you can earn points. Reviewing some of them could help you to do better research and comparison.

We can tell you that if you are passionate about the gaming lifestyle and are looking for a Banking for Gamers service, Ugami is the debit card for gamers that you have always wanted.

On our website, you can find all the information about how the card works, how to earn Ugipoints, and more. You can also download the Ugami App on Android and iOS to start on this incredible adventure: to have a debit card for gamers that really suits your needs.

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