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Ugami’s Super Mario Wonder Review: is it worth it?

  October 27, 2023

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If we had to describe Super Mario Wonder in three words, they would be excitement, colors, and music. It was one of this year’s most anticipated games, and we wanted to try it so badly to let you know our thoughts about it. You might wonder what sets this game apart, or you’re curious about the unique features it brings to the table.

So, we played it, and in the following lines, we’ll address some of your questions about Super Mario Wonder, offering our insights and impressions.

It is the latest addition to the iconic Mario franchise and has been making waves in the gaming world. Join us as we explore this game’s magic and excitement.

Super Mario Wonder Visuals

Super Mario Wonder

When we try a game for the first time, the number one thing we always notice is the video game’s look, of course. Since we do not know anything about the game yet, we apply the saying of judging a book by its cover. So, at first sight, Super Mario Wonder is charming. It’s so colorful and full of life that you feel happy watching the intro. It has outstanding visuals and can be seen very well both on the Nintendo Switch screen and on a 65-inch television.

Definitely, it stands out as one of the most visually stunning video games of the year.

Super Mario Wonder Gameplay

Super Mario Bros Wonder

What we notice about this game is that it seems to be designed for newcomers to the Mario franchise. The first levels are really easy. They are just to catch up with the controllers and learn about the obstacles and enemies without being an explicit tutorial.

Therefore, if we compare Super Mario Wonder with the New Super Mario Bros, the second one starts slightly harder. In the New Super Mario Bros, you start with nothing but your abilities to find the Power-Ups to get taller and stronger. In Super Mario Wonder, you begin being tall and will find power-ups super fast. Also, the movements of the first enemies are slower (or that was our first impression).

Besides, in Super Mario Bros Wonder, you don’t have the worst enemy of all: TIME! As a result of this, you can take it easy because the game has no time limit. Many fans find this convenient, but we think it takes away the challenge in the first levels. Nevertheless, some special events have a timer.

However, the first levels are crucial to knowing the game’s mechanics and the power-ups you will have throughout it. Also, as we said before, they have vibrant colors and new elements, which is a treat for the eyes.

Everything looks so fresh, but it still maintains the classic features of the franchise. You will probably feel nostalgic. And without the timer, you could stop momentarily to observe every detail of the world you just entered.

Super Mario Wonder

Yet, be aware, and don’t be fooled by its adorable designs! As you progress, you will find challenges that will make the game increasingly difficult. So, we consider it sometimes the most straightforward game ever, but it also turns out to be the hardest one when you get to other levels.

Also, it is important to consider that in Super Mario Bros Wonder, there’s a wide array of collectible Badges that you can unlock and equip to modify your character’s abilities. These badges offer unique advantages that can make the game easier or harder. This means that you need to select carefully your Badgets.

For example, the Jet Run Badge propels you into uncontrollable high-speed running, even allowing you to run through the air for a full second. While it may simplify some levels, it turns others into challenging and impossible trials.

So, you can switch Power-Ups and abilities between levels to get through the challenges.

What about Mario Wonder’s online mode?

This Nintendo’s newest game introduces an ingenious online multiplayer feature. With this mode, you can encounter nearly transparent avatars of other players worldwide who are exploring the same level as you. But, these are not like Mario Kart competitors. Actually, they can assist you, so they are not just looking at you or competing against you. 

For example, you will witness fellow players successfully solving the mystery of purple flower coins, and you can follow their path to do the same thing. Also, you can often uncover hidden underground or aerial areas.

But the best feature is that other players can rescue you if you fall into a pit or succumb to an enemy. If there are other players, you will transform into a spectral form. Then, you must frantically navigate and establish contact with another player to rejoin the game.

How many levels are in Super Mario Wonder?

Get ready to spend hours of fun because Mario Wonder has six main worlds and two special worlds. A central hub world that serves as the ultimate boss fight arena and another dedicated to the game’s most challenging levels. That means that there are eight worlds of fun, challenge, and adventure.

Inside those worlds, you need to complete 152 levels. So, it’s a lot. However, only 69 are part of the main story.

Time to beat Super Mario Bros Wonder

You will spend between 8 and 10 hours to beat the game if you only complete the main story. So you will beat Bowser and save the Flower Kingdom relatively fast. Just take a day off from work, and it’s done! (No, don’t do that, we are just kidding). 

If you want to discover all Super Mario Wonder levels and secrets, you will need around 17 hours. So, we consider that it is enough time to enjoy the game. Remember that the first Super Mario Bros. is about 2 hours long. Nowadays, that would be inconceivable for a $59.99 game.

How Mario Wonder makes your Switch controllers sing?

Yes, you read it right! With this game, you will discover a hidden function of the Nintendo Switch controllers that had not been used in six years. Can you believe it?

Surprisingly, the Pro Controller and Joy-Cons can produce sounds. We were shocked when we discovered this in the Piranha Plants on Parade level. So, the controllers have the capability to play one note at a time.

The haptic feedback in the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller resonates in harmony with the notes you encounter. This synchronization means that even with the Switch muted, you can perceive the notes directly from the controllers. Don’t you think that this is Nintendo’s best-kept secret?

Furthermore, the newest addition to the Mario series revolves around the realm of music. So, the visuals are cool, and the music and sound effects are fantastic. The game boasts an incredible soundtrack, with enemies bursting into song.

What is the best thing about Super Mario Wonder?

Besides everything we explained before, one of the things we loved most about the game is that it maintains a brisk pace, avoiding tedious tutorials. You are learning from level 1, and the game pace is created to teach you as you progress through some of the most enjoyable levels in Mario’s history.

Another great thing is that not all levels are equal, so it doesn’t feel repetitive or uncreative. However, some of them indeed stand out among others. So, we enjoyed every world of the game. Each one is entertaining because it offers new challenges, characters, and experiences. Undoubtedly, it is a Nintendo game that is worth the price.

We never got bored. Actually, we felt so happy and satisfied when we finished it.

What are the new power-ups in Mario Wonder?

With the new magical power-ups, you will have some creative abilities and transformations to beat the game and have so much fun. These are the new power-ups:

  • Bubble Flower: It resembles the Fire Flower, although it has another color. This unique flower transforms characters into a special bubble form, allowing them to emit bubbles. Given the dynamic nature of the bubbles, mastering this ability will require some skill.
  • Drill Mushroom: It is a valuable tool because it allows you to enhance the jumping attacks. It also features a reversible function. It enables you to break through solid surfaces to reveal hidden rewards. 
  • Elephant Fruit: This is the most known power-up, thanks to Nintendo’s videos. With this, you will be able to operate the elephant trunk to fend off enemies, demolish blocks, and repel projectiles.
  • Wonder Flower: It is a game-altering item. Upon contact, the Wonder Flower transforms the level. For example, it can conjure ascending bubbles and help you get more coins or turn previous enemies into a platform that takes you from one place to another. But it can attract swarms of adversaries to attack. So, just try it and see how it turns out for you.

Besides, in this opportunity, you will also encounter unique Badges with new abilities. There are 24 badges categorized into three different types:

  • Action Badges (red): For example, Wall-Climb Jump or Fast Dash. They allow you to execute specific special maneuvers by pressing the right button.
  • Boost Badges (blue): For example, Coin Magnet or All Fire Power. They give you passive bonuses. You can use some of them to attract coins from the surrounding area.
  • Expert Badges (yellow): For example, Spring Feet or Jet Run. They are a double-edged sword, requiring a strong understanding of the game. As we mentioned before, you need to think carefully before using them because they can help you win, or they can make you lose. 

How many people can play Mario Wonder?

The game provides a single-player adventure mode and the thrill of multiplayer action. Also, you can play with a maximum of four players on a single Switch console. We recommend using the Joy-Cons or Pro Controller for an immersive gaming experience.

Is Super Mario Wonder worth it?

Super Mario Wonder

Short answer: Yes! If you are a Nintendo fan and love action/adventure titles, you should get this one. It encapsulates the decades of perfection Nintendo has dedicated to this genre. This game ingeniously weaves in all the wisdom and expertise that Nintendo’s game developers acquired over the years.

Obviously, we are Nintendo fans, and the brand makes amazing gems. Actually, some of them are considered classics. That means that even if we fight about whether it is better to have a Playstation or Xbox, in the end, Nintendo does not enter the discussion because it is a must-have. We will all eventually have a Nintendo console. So the competition is tough with so many good games on the brand.

But we say it honestly: Super Mario Wonder is a great game. And who knows? Maybe, in some years, it will be another classic of the platform.

Are you ready for Super Mario Bros Wonder?

Super Mario Wonder has left a profound impression on us, showcasing its innovative gameplay, captivating music integration, and the charm the Mario franchise is renowned for.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this New Super Mario video game! Also, don’t forget to join us on Discord to be aware of every news and update regarding Ugami!

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